List of Haunted Places in Guam

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Agana Heights – The old Agana Hospital – Pictures were taken here and has said to be ghosts in the pictures. There has been music heard and faces shown in the pictures.

Agat – Old Spanish Bridge – The Old Spanish Bridge built in the late 1700’s during the Spanish occupation of Guam’s past is said to be haunted by a white lady. one telling is that the daughter of a spanish official was determined to marry the son of one of the indigenous natives. She met him by the bridge regularly. Hearing that they had made wedding plans, her father was not willing to see her marry a lowly native, and had him murdered on the day they were to wed. Unable to find him, she knew something has happened. In despair, she drowned herself. She is said to be seen crying by the bridge, wandering around trying to find her lover.

Agana Heights – Government House – There is a building connected to the Government House that in the middle of the night you will see and hear  the heavy double doors open so wide and sounds of wet foct steps of someone walking in the hallway from there.  And when you look at the door it will slam shut.  A legend was told that this was a fisherman’s path.

Summay/Agat – Big navy/Naval station guam – the workers would experience hearing footsteps, and a child/kids voices, like kids playing inside the Store. Another story that I was told was at the warehouse connecting to this store, there was a basement room where they kept certain beverages, snack and so on, one of the workers told me of Her experience while working at the basement/cool room, She experienced while using the rest room, She heard a noise, footsteps, then the next door stall open and then close .She called out, a seeing who is there, thinking it was her friend! what ever it was in the stall next to didn’t respond 1st and 2nd time. So She got up cautiously, walked out, looked at the front of the next stall and saw what looked like it was occupied! She called out for the third time, but still no answer! So She walked out to the cool room, One of the male worker’s were there She continued with her work, several hour’s went by, Whatever that thing was in the restroom that sat in the stall next to Her never came out. She noticed that nobody ever exited that rest room, She asked the male co-worker who else came down to help them? He said nobody! She told him that there was somebody using the restroom beside her! He went to check thinking something might of happened, there was nobody in that restroom! It’s been said that the Big Navy Facility was once a Hospital and also a Morgue during and after WWII !!

Talafofo – LEO PALACE HOTEL – two soldiers from world war 2 still passes during early morning hours around 12 to 4am. it said that when you pass by going to the hotel. you won’t see them. but as soon as you look into the review mirror. you see two soldiers still in there uniform walking side by side. though the other soldier has no head but holding the helmet. as soon as you glance back. you don’t see nothing anymore.

Tumon – Nikko Hotel – The Hotel Nikko Guam in Tumon is said to be built over an old Chamorro burial ground. Chamorro’s are the natives of Guam. The spirits can be seen and heard throughout the Hotel Nikko.


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New Mexico a Graveyard of Haunted Places

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Alamogordo – cemetery and canyon road – many people and especially the older residents of Alamogordo have claimed to have seen a woman dressed in white in the cemetery late at night and also along and up canyon road as far as the scenic extension floating, and always at night. What she is looking for and why she is there is unsure.

Alamogordo – DWI Offices – People who work in the DWI offices (located in the old part of Alamogordo.) claim that there is a ghost haunting it. It used to be a sheriff’s office and cellblock. People who work there claim they see and hear doors open, hear footsteps, and occasionally see a young male dressed in an old style suit from about 90 years ago. No bad vibes are usually felt in these offices, unless you make noises like running or moving furniture. That’s when you feel cold and doors slam.

Alamogordo – Washington Park – A while back in the day there was a shoot out at this park “Washington Park”. There was 2 or 3 hurt but one of them died. They say during the afternoon you can here foot steps in the grass and from far away bye the shut down swimming pool you can here moaning or crying but when you get close to the location you cant here the moaning or crying no more just fill strange and cold.

Albuquerque – Albuquerque Press Club – the ghost of “Mrs. M” appears at the bar.

Albuquerque – The Aroyro – “Albuquerque – The Aroyro – “el Yorone” the crier is the ghost of a mother whose child was drowned in the drainage ditch. It s said at night she wanders the ditch crying and searching for her lost child” – December 2003 addition – There are a few discrepancies. First off its called The Arroyo and the woman’s name is “La Llorona.” its an old legend told to children by their parents. Go to – for a better understanding.

Albuquerque – Carrie Tingly children’s hospital-1113 university blvd. – There is said to be glowing rooms in unused portions of the hospital. There are also invisible “force fields” that do not allow a person to pass. The force fields also make a static/hissing sound when encountered. There are sounds of crying Voices, heartbeats. Black robed figures in darkened halls.

Albuquerque – Desert Sands Motel – Located at 5000 Central Ave SE it’s a cheap and easy place to stay when you’re headed west on I40. Visitors got the corner room of the center building on the first floor. Immediately things began. There were cold spots, voices in the bathroom, the water ran by itself, the TV kept turning on and off on it’s own, changing channels by itself, and the door kept unlocking.

Albuquerque – Haunted Hill – Located at the end of Menaul in the foothills. You can hear screaming, footsteps and bodies being drug. You can see a lantern swinging as if someone is walking down the trail and you can see an apparition of an old man coming after you. It is said that the old man used to live in the man caves at the top of the hill and kill prostitutes up there on the weekends.

Albuquerque – Abandoned Insane Asylum – There is an Abandoned Insane Asylum on the corner of Edith and Osuna. The asylum is owned by the neighbors and are strict about trespassing. For those who have risked going into this asylum have witnessed a large black cloud hovering above them. This black cloud has appeared in pictures as well. It is said that one patient went so crazy that he killed several patients and staff (nurses and doctors etc.) After the murders, the asylum was never the same and they were forced to close it down. The neighbors of the insane asylum is The Banditos Motorcycle gang… they don’t mind releasing their Rottweiler on anyone who enters their property.

Albuquerque – Kimo Theater, Central Ave., NW – A young boy was killed backstage when a hot water pipe burst from the theater’s boiler. The tradition is to place a donut backstage before opening night of any performance so things go right, i.e. lighting, sound, etc. There are two other entities that seem to be much older than the young boy. The theater’s opening night was in fall of 1927. These entities seem to be from that era, where as the boy is more contemporary.

Albuquerque – Job Corps – By the lunch room there is a nun that is sometimes carrying a baby. You can see her when the lights from the light posts are on. The new dorms the upstairs girls side one night I heard someone running down the hall, my roommate and I looked out to see who it was there was no one there some of the girls said that they did not hear anything.

Albuquerque – Johnson Gym University of New Mexico – While in the facility at night after closing, there is a strong presence and a feeling of being followed and watched. Also, shadows appear in the corner of the eye, and then immediately disappear if looked at directly. Rumor (urban legend?) has it that a murder took place many years ago, or that a student hung herself in one of the locker rooms.

Albuquerque – Old Honeywell bldg on Bluewater –
Supposedly the building was built on or near a Native American grave. A young woman appears to people who work in the dark supply area. A witness saw her in the IT room at the opposite end of the building. She simply walked through the closed door and stood and stared at them.

Alamogordo – The old hospital –
You can hear moaning and crying at night because of deaths of people who were suffering at the hospital and it is cold by the area and you could see shadows by windows.

Albuquerque – The old Salvador Armijo House, now “Maria Teresa” Restaurant – This house dates back to 1840, and has been occupied in one form or the other up to the present. Various staff members of this restaurant have shared personal experiences of voices, noises, and sensations of being touched by unknown entities after hours. A great place to visit and ask questions. To those that haven’t quit or are willing to share.

Albuquerque – Radisson Hotel – On the first floor of the hotel you can hear scratching noises and slamming doors above you late at night, even if there is no one renting the room above yours. There is loud yelling and screaming in rooms that are vacant and sometimes women are shaken until they wake up by what seems to feel like children’s hands. The third floor (which no one is supposed to be on) is the only floor that has not been remolded. As soon as the elevator doors open you are hit with a gust of hot air. As you walk further through the floor there is the remains or what used to be a bar. The top is in perfect condition but the rest of it is completely destroyed. In the corner of the bar is what appears to be newly broken glass. No one knows how it was there because there were no employees up there recently and none of the windows were broken.

Albuquerque – Ramada Hotel – The Corner Room – From one of the staff, the corner room, of this big hotel is haunted by a young broken hearted lady, where her once true love killed her because he wanted her out of her life. She is said to only be on the bottom floor, where she is said to haunt the lobby and the corner room where she was killed. When the service ladies go to clean the corner room, they find that the room is all messed up, bed sheets all aver the place, the TV knocked down, and the curtains all torn and up. This activity went on so long that management just closed off the room and don’t rent it out anymore. But often, staff still visits the corner room. And it’s all messed up.

Albuquerque – San Pedro Library – At night you hear the dead librarian saying “please come check out a book!” The lights turn on and off and things control themselves on they’re own. Her dead children slither around while darkening the room!

Albuquerque – UNM Children’s Psychiatric Hospital – employees who work here know about the seclusion suite being haunted. Numerous employees have witnessed water turning on and off by itself, lights flickering on and off, doors unlocking or locking without being able to unlock, and small black footprints walking across the bathroom floor. In one instance, the security cameras were blocked out by a black image and a figure walking towards the camera lens, which appeared larger and larger when you looked at the monitor televisions. Numerous patients who have stayed in the seclusion suite claim they cannot sleep due to visual “hallucinations” which may actually be ghosts.

Albuquerque – Xilinx – This building used to be a mental heath hospital, and on several occasions banging noises have been heard throughout the building (mostly in the bathroom). Some see shadowy figures moving up and down the hallways, groaning noises out side in the courtyard, and voices whispering in the back office area. Also on several occasions objects began to move all by themselves.

Alcalde – Old Courthouse – A woman form Spain came to live in the house with her new husband that was picked for by the bride’s father. Soon after the newly weds settled in the husband became very abusive and through his bride down the stair case and she died. Soon after the bride was dead the French man commit suicide. A few years down the road the house was turned into a courthouse. People guilty of crimes were hung from a tree in front of the mansion. Today the house is locked up and no one lives in it. People have claimed to a see woman walking up and down that staircases and a man pacing back and forth in an upstairs bedroom. Other witnesses have since bodies hanging from the tree in front of the property. Lights go gone when there is no electricity hooked up etc…

Anthony – Gadsden High School – It is said that a white apparition of a female frequents the Old English Building. This building is located at the front of the school, near the end of Washington Street. Apparently, a girl student was attending the school dance. She was taken to the basement by two males where she was raped and murdered. Students, staff, as well as custodians, have seen and heard her in the building. Her spirit can be seen from the street walking from one end of the building to the other, as if she was walking through the walls.

Artesia – Atoka School – It’s an old building that was a school awhile back…It has been closed for some time, some youth today sneak in the old haunted school and hear strange noises from around.

Aztec – Miss Gail’s Inn – There are several ghosts. One is of a lady that floats down the stairs. We’ve personally experienced an old man in room #7 who’s very “cantankerous”. There is also a tree in the back that was the site of a hanging.

Bayard – Chino Mines Creek – There is an old lady seen in the creek crying and yelling for her child. A flood had supposedly gone through this woman’s home and washed her son away. She is still heard and seen in the area calling for her son. Another story is, She was a beautiful Hispanic women the only problem was that she was poor. One day she was in the village when she met a handsome man. They started dating and ended up getting married. Then one day she noticed that he had changed. He was always leaving town and leaving her to tend to her children. Well he would leave more and more. Until she caught him cheating on her with another women. Well instead of getting even, she that she would get back at him by not letting him see the children, by drowning them in the local creek. When doing this she realized what she was doing and tried to stop but she lost control and let the kids go. Well they started to float down the creek, she tried to run after them and try to save them but it was no use she had lost them forever. While running she tripped over a root in the ground and hit her head right open. She died instantly, Well the story goes every night you can hear her crying and yelling for her children this is what they call the “Llorna” which means crying lady. Since that had happened it is said that you can hear her crying all over searching the riverbeds for her children.

Carlsbad – German Town – An old Dam Works with the overseer house and garage/ storage building. Strange noises and lights at night. Some strange photos taken.

Cerrillos – The town and General Store – The town of Cerrillos (little hills) is a charming, tree-shaded town located 27 miles south of Santa Fe. The village is one of the old traditional villages in Santa Fe County. Cerrillos officially came into being in the 1870 s as a wild and wooly mining town, and little has changed in its appearance since then. It contains many old western storefronts and adobe buildings, complete with hitching posts, old grocery and western bar, old church, ancient cottonwood trees, dirt streets, and railroad tracks. It can be seen in the Walt Disney movie, “Elfego Baca” and then later in “Young Guns I & II”. While there, if you go into the old General Store – which is still in operation – there is a cold spot, although no one knows why, or they aren’t saying, on your right even though there are windows directly in front of its location.

Chaco Canyon National Historic Park – While on the hiking trails you can feel the presence of someone with you, following you.

Cimarron – St. James Hotel – Witnesses have reported apparitions of a strange, short man w/ pockmarks called “the Imp.” Along with numerous other events have occurred in that hotel.

Cimarron – St. James Hotel – Room 17 is haunted by a female ghost in what is now called “Mary’s Room.” In that particular room there is a strong odor of perfume. If the window is left open, she will knock upon it until you close it.

Cimarron – St. James Hotel – Room 18 is haunted by a man that was killed after winning rights to the hotel in a poker game and they say he is so violent, the room is padlocked and no one is allowed in there. A local says staff members occasionally enter the room to refill his Jack Daniels and afterwards, he seems to come downstairs and wreak havoc on the place for about a month – he does NOT want anyone in his room for any reason.

Cloudcroft – The Lodge Said to be haunted by a redheaded ghost by the name of Rebecca frequents the dining room. There is also the spirit of a chambermaid in her 20s or 30s who was murdered by a jealous lover and buried somewhere in the basement.

Clovis – Norman Petty Studios –
Ghosts have not been seen first hand here, but have been photographed. Phantoms include: a group young men who were photographed in the living quarters of the old studios (now a museum) and strange orange lights in the same location. Sensitive visitors have wanted to cry for no reason.

Clovis – Pathway House – Employees at this treatment center for adolescent boys have reported seeing shadows late at night. One administrator was working late at night when he heard some one climbing the stairs above his office. He went to investigate because he knew that no one was supposed to be in that part of the building at night. When he opened the door to the staircase he saw a white life sized object floating up the stairs. – June 2008 Update – Memorial hospital closed more than 30 years ago and stood vacant until very recently. During its vacancy, people would see a woman run in terror from the building. Thinking it was a “real” woman; people would stop to help her only to find she was nowhere to be found. Over the years, people have also seen the dark figure of a man lingering in the south parking lot. He would fade away if approached. Recently, the Memorial Hospital building was reopened and is being used by non-profit agencies for storage and office space. People working in the building report seeing dark figures and hearing unexplained bumps and groans at night.

Corrales – Rancho De Corrales – A sad tale of jealousy and revenge sums up the history of this site. The Emberto family lived here in the late 1800s. In 1898, the son killed his father’s mistress. Dad then shot his wife (the boy’s mother) for starting the trouble. In all the confusion, Dad himself was shot and killed. It seems the spirits of the Embertos are still going at each other today.

Dawson – Dawson Cemetery – The site of the two worst mine collapses in history which happened ten years apart and killed over 300 men. There is an obvious forlorn feeling as you walk around and the immigrant diversity is grand. It feels as if all the spirits are waiting for something and are watching you, expecting some sort of change.

Deming – Deming Middle school – in the basement their are loud sounds up stairs computers turn on by it self.

Deming – Greensands – Old factory in the desert, you can hear screams from an abandoned house 50 yards away. Shadowy figures, and a little girl holding a baby doll.

Deming – Holy Cross Sanatorium – It was a military base in WWI and a TB hospital during WWII. In the mid 70’s there was a devil-worshiping cult that used it to sacrifice animals. It has one remaining building all others were torn down due to the decrements. This building is definitely haunted; witnesses have heard noises from the upper floor and seen lights near the fountain at night. It has tunnels that lead from Northwestern part of town to the Southeastern side of town, which ends up at the airport; they have all been caved in. It has been a place for teenagers to go and party. Different people have experienced something in what they call the “Alter Room”. It is a shadowy figure that lurks just inside the doorway. There is also a cemetery just to the north of the building, graves disturbed and a large cross has been cut down. Town legend says that the teenagers that cut it down in the 70’s all died that year. The houses around the area are also reported to have paranormal activities. The Holy Cross in recent days has become a dangerous place to be. Murders have been committed there in the last few years. A gang has killed a peer as a sacrifice and a lover’s quarrel was the demise of a man in a drainpipe. The place has always been that of graffiti artists writing their names or the names of their favorite bands. Now gang names and signs are all over it marking it as territory. Sheriffs patrol it often now and run people off who are in there and possibly arrest them for trespassing.

Deming – Martin Elementary – Recent janitors have been in the building by themselves and have heard doors opening and closing. Down the west side hall the girls bathroom flushes on it’s own. They have also heard what sound like some running along roof. Teachers have reported that when they were by themselves working in the evening, they have heard doors slamming, someone walking in the hall, sound coming from other classrooms. Also doorknobs turning, knocking windows and noises that escalates in sound. They have also had as sense of uneasiness as if someone is watching you and also and apparition of a women reading a book.

Deming – Memorial Elementary – Two students have reported seeing a knife in the gym, noises, lights flickering. They have also heard the piano in the third grade hallway when no one was there. Also two girls staring in the windows.

Faribault – Shattuck/St. Mary – There has been a number of hauntings in this old school. You can see old headmasters walking through the halls. In the boys dorm you can see a mama lab and her puppies. Shattuck/St. Mary was an old military school and you can still see in the theatre people walking around the stage. – April 2007 Correction – Shattuck was NEVER an infirmary. It has been a school since 1858, never was a hospital or a ski lodge. Whitney Memorial Arch artistically frames Shumway Hall at Shattuck School. Shattuck was originally a grammar school as part of the Episcopal Seabury Divinity Seminary. It later offered secondary-level military education for boys, and finally merged with St. Mary’s to become a private co-educational preparatory school. The arch was constructed in 1926 of limestone salvaged from two other early campus buildings.

Farmington – Lions Wilderness Park – there has been some strange sightings of a person who has been taking things from people and making some strange eerie noises and seems to scare people away from the park. People say at night that you can hear walking footsteps coming towards them and suddenly stopping at a few steps away them and then someone touching them and no one is there. Late at night you can here screaming and then laughs so scary that you cannot even image.

Fort Bayard – FBMC hospital and housing – Fort Bayard Medical Center has been around since the 1800’s. It was originally a cavalry base where the Buffalo Soldiers(first African American soldiers in the U.S. cavalry)were first introduced in New Mexico. After military use, a medical center was constructed and used as a TB center. It is now a long term care facility, and veterans hospital. In the basement (where the dungeon for the original base was) there have been sighting of wheelchairs rolling down the hall, door opening and closing, sounds of shackles and chains, moaning, crying, conversations, laughing, voices, people touching your shoulder, and apparition sightings, throughout the whole hospital on all 6 floors, esp. 2 west. In the housing area there are reports of hauntings, footsteps, late at night when everyone is asleep, apparitions, knocking on the doors and no one there, covers being torn off you.

Fort Wingate – Fort Wingate WW2 Hospital –
Fort Wingate which is just due east of Gallup, once used to be a huge Fort used for storing weapon caches during WW2. Wingate also had a hospital used to treat in injured that were returned home. Well some that were injured there had major problems such as loss of limbs and mental retardation. The hospital was said to be sad and lonely. Rumors have spread around stating that spirits could be seen and heard looking for there limbs and or minds. The military now has the hospital closed off to the public ever since the rumors went out. The hospital closed right after the end of the war. To this day strange and weird noises can be heard coming from the hospital.

Gallup – old house on Aztec – The old house is said to be haunted by a little boy named Billy. Who had an unfortunate death while playing in his room. He is said to live in the closet of the front bedroom, and is a friendly ghost that has played with children that have lived in that room.

Grants – Econo Lodge – No one is allowed on the third floor, it now is used as a storage. From the swimming pool, you can see people looking down at you. You can hear footsteps, screaming, and the elevators going up there. The elevators don’t even work. Someone appears in the Kitchen. You feel a coldness upon you. December 2003 addition: They say it’s just a fake. People are forgetting about it. No newspaper can be found, it like the town has covered it up. Some locals say they know there’s something there. They heard a Maid was murdered there, she was taking some towels up to a man and when she got to his room he grabbed her and murder her in his room on the third floor. The police tape is still on the left wing of the third floor. People say that if you go to the room that it happen in that you can still smell blood and that the room is very cold. If you go at just the strike of midnight you can hear her screams and moans. All the rooms that don’t have numbers on the door are said that something happed in those rooms. The hotel it filled with evil and people say that if you sleep on the second floor of the under the room that it happened in that you can hear here yelling and cry for help!

Grants – Montecarlo Restaurant – Upstairs there is a room used for banquets. The upstairs used to have apartments, but they were gutted by a fire in the early 1990’s and remolded. There is a ghost that shakes what sounds like a key ring full of keys. Often the ghost shakes them right next to people’s ears. There are cold spots, and the ceiling fanlights go on and off at will.

Lamy – Legal Tender Building – 4 different ghosts have been seen. Lady in White with child Chinese railroad worker. Man in black(bystander in a card game)

Las Cruces – Hangerlake Hanger – Have been reports from witnesses upon entering this off-limit’s and somewhat guarded building. They tell of seeing the dead, hanging from the rafters. Of course strange sound’s, banging noise’s, people’s voices. Residents in the area, in the neighborhood have seen and experienced demonic activity on many, many accounts.

Las Cruces – El Patio Restaurant – the original site of the San Albino Church. The restaurant is said to be haunted by a woman (maybe the original owner of the restaurant) at night after closing you could hear trays falling in the kitchen and things missing. The owner’s great grandfather was Albert Fountain an attorney for Billy the Kid. He disappeared presumably murdered.

Las Cruces – Rio Grand River – This lady back in the days when the river ran a mile wide. She got sick of her kids and drowned them. She shortly died after word. Only to be sentenced to her own type of hell. She is now in search of her kids, which was promised she would never find. To this day you can see her faint glow across the river with her high-pitched screechy scream that will leave your ears ringing for weeks.

Las Cruses – toys -r -us – a little boy about five or six years old haunts the store in the night you could here his laughs and during the day has always playing with the toys so employees have a hard time keeping the toys off the floor. – October 2007 Update: Store has now been closed and abandoned for most of a year. Was shut down as part of Toys r us financial problems.

La Luz – La Luz Canyon – It has been reported that a mother and two children were killed when their car was ran off the bridge by a truck coming down from the canyon. People say if you go up the canyon road to where the road divides going down to the hanging tree. It is said that if you stop on the bridge before you turn onto the dirt road you can put baby powder on your car or you can also see it from the dew on your car. Park your car and wait. You will feel forces pushing the car off the bridge in either directions or then if you *dare* get out of your car and look on the bumper you will see handprints and hear children giggling. People say that the giggles are merely signs of the children saying your welcome.

La Luz – Water Treatment Plant – Though it is unsure what haunts the water treatment plant. There is no denying that it is in fact haunted. As you walk in one flashlight will light up the entire room as it reflects off of the water and the crystals. It provides you with an eerie feeling right from the start. As you walk around you will notice cold spots and hot spots. Though not particularly the most desirable place to spend eternity, it would seem that many apparitions could be seen there.

Los Alamos – Los Alamos High School – The auditorium is the dwelling place of the two most frequently seen ghosts in the school. During a performance one night back in the 50’s a girl fell from the spiral staircase above the stage. She died and is said to push people off of the staircase by a huge gust of cold air. Another ghost is of a girl that had a heart attach in the 5th seat from the left in the front row. Whenever somebody sits in this seat they can feel her presence through cold air and a sad, uneasy feeling.

Los Alamos – Peggy Sue Bridge – There is the remains of an old bridge connecting two sides of a canyon in Los Alamos. It is said that in the 1950s there was a girl named Peggy Sue that was so depressed that she went to the bridge and jumped to her death. Her ghost now lingers and pushes people off of the bridge. It is an old Los Alamos High School tradition to go to the bridge and brave the crossing of the bridge. October 2007 Update: This is considered an Urban Legend, until further proof.

Los Lunas – Luna – Otero Mansion – about 20 miles south of Albuquerque, the ghost of Josefita Otero has appeared in numerous rooms here.

Madrid – The entire town and surrounding hills – Madrid was a coal mining town in the 1800’s through 1940’s until it became an abandoned ghost town. In the 1970’s hippies, artist and outlaws began rebuilding it and it is alive today. The entire town has been site of numerous ghost sightings, most notably in certain houses, the old miners/town cemetery, the old church (now a house)and the surrounding arroyos. Apparitions range from sightings of la llarona in the arroyos, silent cowboys escorting a Spanish woman in fine dress though mainstreet, and various ghostly forms at the cemetery. The town area was also the site of the Aztecs trade for turquoise in New Mexico / Mexico older history.

Mescalero – Mescalero day care center – An old high school burned down at the location. And is now a daycare center. A ghost that is said to throw objects move objects and knock on doors. Employees of the daycare center reported sightings during later after hours when the building was closed.

Mesilla – Double Eagle Restaurant & Peppers Restaurant – ghosts have been photographed and witnessed here. An aristocratic residence on the plaza was built in 1849. Here, a petite Spanish maid, Inez, was stabbed to death by the mother, Senora Maese, of her lover, Armando. The son was stabbed himself and died just days later. The Carlotta Room, the scene of the tragedy, has a reputation for cold spots, a woman’s laughter, the apparition of a small woman in black skirt and white blouse, and the strong scent of perfume. Double Eagle restaurant and Peppers grill are both in the same building.

Montezuma – Montezuma Castle – 60 miles east of Santa Fe, The Evil was filmed there. Ever since, people have seen some sort of woman in the castle towers at night. No one wants to go in there at night. It is currently being renovated.

Pendaries – Restaurant & Lodge – Many of the employees have seen an older man in the downstairs bar. He has also been seen outside one of the rooms in the lodge.

Philmont – the haunted mesa – paranormal activities and sightings of apparitions have appeared over the years.

Pojoaqus – Pojoaque High school – A girl hung herself in the girls locker room at the gym from a showerhead. She is now said to wander around the gym and if you go into the locker room at night you will see her body hanging from the shower.

Raton – The Shuler Theatre – Located in the center of town, the theatre is most certainly haunted. On stage there are scraping sounds of someone in high heels. Down in the dressing rooms is the scariest place in the theatre. The dressing area with just a curtain as a door has very different temperatures in certain places. There is a broken mirror, which ALMOST always never works. Creepy all over. All you have to do is see a performance to witness the haunting of Mr. Shuler. Very cool.

Roswell – Chaves County Courthouse- Young children are heard playing in the basement area at any time of the day or night. This place used to be the only execution site in New Mexico for many years.

Roswell – New Mexico Military Institute – The New Mexico Military Institute does not use the phonetic alphabet ‘J’ for Juliet for one of its troops for a very simple reason…it is believed to be cursed. Back in the 1800’s when the school was still an all male military school in the frontier Juliet troop was on of the troops to go out and defend the school from Indians and other Wild West characters. After one such excursion, no one from the Juliet troop survived. A tower with a clock was built in their honor and the letter ‘J’ has not been used since. On some days when the sun is just right if you look up at the tower you can see faces in the rock of the boys who lost their lives looking back at you.

Roswell – Pecan Fields – it seems to happen every Sunday during October, but if you drive down Country Club towards the pecan fields after midnight there is a little boy who runs across the street crying. if you listen you can hear the sounds of a little kid crying. he’ll look over to you. he has no legs.

Roswell – Pueblo Auditorium – in the upstairs balcony you can see a boy, that is, until you go up there, then he disappears

Ruidoso – Bonita Lake – Full of abandoned gold mines, this lake used to be a miners prospect. There is still an entire town underneath the lake. In the camping areas around the lake you can still find many miners carts, lanterns much of it untouched. There is a house in one part that many people camping in the area have reported strange lights coming from as well as sounds. “I thought there were a bunch of kids goofing off” claimed one camper. “It sounded like a party with music, lots of people talking and gunfire.” Later this camper discovered the only other people in the area were three adult campers and a border collie.

Ruidoso Downs – Hale Lake – Eyewitnesses report many strange activities in Hale Lake Just outside of Ruidoso Downs. It is said that this is where a Settler, Indian dispute first took place. If you go there at night be sure to take friends. As you drive up the radio the heater and anything electrical will not work on your car. Be prepared to stay the night. If you drive down in the middle of the night the brakes on your car will not work. There is not a lake there, but rather a small pond. Many people have claimed to see faces in their campfires. Other reports include War Paint on their vehicles. Vehicles dieing in the middle of the night, and starting up in the morning with nothing apparently wrong with them. Illuminated Gates have been seen, as well as many reports of a man wearing all leather on horseback that many have thought they run over only to look back as the dust cleared to see him in their rearview mirror. The dreams that people have while camped there are probably the most interesting aspect of the whole place though.

Santa Fe – The College of Santa Fe – One ghost in particular paces in the shadows late at night. Another prominent ghost on campus is that of a decapitated nurse during WWII. The campus was an insane asylum during this time, and a post-war inmate snapped and cut off a nurse’s head. She has been seen walking in the hallways, which now lead to the cafeteria. Ask the students, they can tell you, and the whole college is haunted.

Santa Fe – Grant Corner Inn – Rooms 4 and 8 and the hallway on the second floor are the primary haunting sites in this three- story house built in 1905. Objects falling on the floor, footsteps, and slamming doors are among the usual fare. There is also a grayish figure that appears in the hallway.

Santa Fe – The Heritage Home – an old turn-of-the-century site where criminals were hung from the large cottonwood in front of the building. The tree’s limbs have long since been cut down, however the shadows of the limbs are still casting on moonlit nights.

Santa Fe – La Fonda Hotel – The present dining room in this lovely old hotel is situated exactly over an old well, in which a man leapt to his death over 100 years ago. He had lost his company’s money gambling. Guests in the dining room sometimes report seeing a man walk to the center of the room and then jump as if into an invisible hole and simply disappear.

Santa Fe – La Posada Hotel – the ghost of Julie Stabb is seen on the 2nd floor.

Santa Fe – The Old Hospital Building downtown – Located downtown, the hospital was originally established as a sanitarium for victims of tuberculosis. It was the main hospital until the early 1980s when a new building was built. Until recently, it served as a nursing home. On the 4th floor, which originally served as the maternity ward, sounds of crying babies floated through the halls. There are reports of a child running through the halls as well.

Santa Fe – Santa Fe Indian school – The dorms are known to be haunted.. at night you can see people being hung in the shadows, and hear screaming

Truth or Consequences – The Hospital, located at 800 E. 9th St. – Ask any hospital employee that has worked at Sierra Vista Hospital for any length of time, especially if they worked a night shift and they will tell you about a paranormal experience they have had . This is an old hospital built in the early 1950`s and as a result tends to have a lot of sightings. Nurses will tell you that they will hear the sound of a baby crying a day before a baby will be delivered. There have been numerous times night shift staff will see ghosts out of the corner of their eye only to disappear when they turn to get a better look. Beds have raised and lowered by themselves without anyone at the helm operating the bed. Linen closet doors would open on their own as one would pass by. When the hospital first opened nuns operated it and would cook brownies for the patients. The nuns are long gone and do not work in the hospital any more, however their have been several sightings of the nuns cooking in the little kitchen area in the hall on the second floor. Also once in a while the smell of brownies cooking can be detected, but no one is cooking! A new hospital is scheduled to be built soon.

Watrous – The Ranch – An old ranch house used for the “Pony Express” during the 1800’s.Residents of the house have awoken to a shot gun blast in the room with no one else in the house, a lady and man in a wagon with horse riding over a hill outside the window, when inspected the field over the hill was empty, also cold spots near fire place even when fire place is being used.

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Exploring Haunted Places in Australia

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Canberra – Duffy – There is a creek around, with a house right next to it or on top of it, where a little girl roams around. The former owners had visits from the little girl. She died in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s, by drowning in the creek.

Canberra – Kambah Wool Shed – Used in the 1900’s as a convict prison, where executions also took place. Many believe that there are hundreds of spirits floating around in the wool shed. There have also been reports from nearby houses that screams have been heard from the shed. There was a report of a man finding blood in a corner of the shed.

Canberra – Mount Cotton – There is a place called Spook Hill. Turn your car off in the middle of the hill, hop out and it rolls up all by itself.

New South Wales – Armidale – Armidale High School Auditorium – When in the auditorium alone, you can hear a faint evil laugh, like it’s trying to scare you. Occasionally, things will be hurled across the stage.

New South Wales – Asquith – Asquith Girls High School – At night, strange noises are heard near the hall and the oval of the school. People who’ve heard these noises say that they heard screams of teenage girls or younger girls. Various people say that they’ve been hit or nearly hit by large objects from off the top of the roof, such as bricks and roof tiles.

New South Wales – Bathurst – Machatti Park – When there is no one around, screams have been heard. – February 2007 Update/Additional Information: Machatti Park – The park is behind the local courthouse. The courthouse and the park were part of the jail in the old days(the jail is now long gone). Somewhere on the grounds of the park was used for the hanging of inmates. There is a lot of bad history there.

New South Wales – Camberwell – Siena College – Many students and teachers have seen shadows of people who are not there, and white ghostly shapes in broad daylight. All of this has happened in the school’s chapel. It is believed to be haunted by one of the nuns that used to live there.

New South Wales – Cootamundra – Monte Cristo Homestead – Used to be owned by wealthy man. In the Boy’s Room, an evil presence is felt. Children without any history of asthma have had severe asthma attacks. The dairy is severely haunted. A man was attacked by something he couldn’t see.

New South Wales – East Hills – Lucas Road/Henry Lawson Drive Creek – The road leads to the Georges River. It is haunted by an old local fisherman. He was a lonely man, whose only companion was his blue heeler dog. He kept to himself and liked to avoid contact with people. He would regularly be seen scavenging for bait in the creek. Then he would mysteriously disappear and wasn’t seen again. Many locals have reported that they have seen the old man around the creek, especially with the occurrence of a full man. Many residents nearby have reported hearing a dog howling at night in the creek. But no dog is seen.

North South Whales – the highway to Byron Bay – back in the 70’s to the mid 90s until they built a new highway. People used to report about a young woman dressed in the hippy fashion of the 70s standing on the side of the road, late at night, hitching. They would pick her up and she would just direct them down the road. Of course the girl would disappear. No one knows who this young woman is and why she is hitching the road. Witness even report picking her up to take her where she needs to go, and she disappears.

New South Wales – Junee – Monte Cristo – Australia’s most haunted house. Hundreds of sightings and strange occurrences happen in and around this house every year. Visitors tell of cold spots, voices, and not being able to ascend certain stairs due to some unexplained force. The homestead is open to the public and can also be viewed at – It has also been the focus of some Australian television programs. This is a beautiful homestead with a not so beautiful past.

New South Wales – Kurri Kurri – Richmond Vale Rail & Mining Museum – Richmond Main is an abandoned mine which operated from 1910 to 1967. Today, it is a steam railway and mining museum. During its operating life, there were 54 lives lost from accidents and mistakes. In 1922, a mine shaft which can travel 300 feet underground, and is preserved today, was taking five miners down to the bottom of the pit. Its cable snapped when the shaft cage was still 200 feet from the ground. All the miners lost there lives (the records of the incident still exist). Today, about five out of ten people who visit the museum, and have had a look at the abandon shaft, say that they feel very sad. Some say they can hear the sounds of people yelling out, as if they are falling. Also, strange things happen to some of the steam locomotives preserved at the museum. Some of the drivers have said that various controls on the loco’s N o. 30 go haywire. A former South Maitland Railway’s loco is the engine that has strange things done to it. The throttle will be fully open for the locomotive to move, when the drivers have left it in the closed position. There are also incidents where there the driver, the fireman or both are in the cab, and the engine’s whistle will be pulled right in front of them, without either of them pulling the whistle cord. It is said to be a sprit of the former manager, Mr. John Brown, who died there in 1930 (cause of death not known). He has been seen early in the morning, firing off the steam loco for a days run. Two museum members have seen him, and they refused to ever work in that area ever again. Mr. Brown is seen on the third Sunday of each month, five out of ten times.

New South Wales – Lismore – Lions Park – There used to be a set of swings that used to move, on windless nights, by themselves and stop with a unearthly scream of a child. The story goes that a young boy was playing on the swings back in the late 70s and fell off. The swing came back and killed the child. His ghost still plays on the swing until the local council got rid of them.

New South Wales – Lochinvar – St. Josephs Campus – This used to be a boarding school years ago, and also a convent is next to it. It is believed to be haunted by a former boarder that had died. Screams come out of a room that is no longer used.

New South Wales – Maitland – Maitland Jail – Various hauntings, lights, voices, cold spots. Now considered to be the most haunted place in Australia. The jail is no longer in use, but tours are conducted at various times of the year.

New South Wales – Mitchell – Crystalbrook – Crystalbrook is a property north of Mitchell. The men there have reported seeing a man riding a horse near the house yard. They often report someone walking up and down the verandah early in the morning, waking the men up to go to work. When they check, there is nobody there and everyone is still asleep. Older neighbors believe this to be the ghost of the former owner of the property, and remark on how he used to ensure all his workers were up with the sun.

New South Wales – Narellan – Studley Park – There has been 3 deaths here one in the hall and two in the lake at night you can sometimes see lights in the tower and sometimes you can see something standing at the window.

New South Wales – Picton – Picton Tunnels – The Picton Tunnels are abandoned train tunnels used more than 100 years ago. A young lady had been run over by a train, and her ghost still lurks around at night. Witnesses have seen lights, gusts of winds, and shadows. There is also the ghost of a girl seen rarely, who had been raped and murdered. The ghost of a girl who hung herself is seen at the entrance of the 200-meter tunnel.

New South Wales – Purfleet – Purfleet Medical Centre – It is said that a ghost of a woman haunts this place, day or night. People who work there have felt and seen a shape of a woman just walk through. It gets very cold and causes fear in all who work there. She is said to be a woman who died and was buried under the medical centre.

New South Wales – Queanbeyan – Air Disaster Memorial – It’s believed that if your car stops on the cattle grid, a nurse who used to help out the wounded when the air disaster happened, comes running at your car. She tries to get in your car to help you, as if you are injured. She tries to get in the car anyway possible. There are stories of people’s windscreens being smashed by her. Another story is that once a young girl was found beneath a cattle grid. She had died not long before she was found, although the ground around the grid had not been disturbed. The grids weigh in excess of 500 kilograms. Whatever you do, don’t turn your car off while your there. It will stall.

New South Wales – Sydney – Berry – Berry Camp Sports and Recreational Centre – They say that many years ago they locked up unwanted naughty boys and then killed them. Most commonly, the girls side of the campsite is haunted.

New South Wales – Sydney – Blue Mountains – Springwod – St. Columba’s – St Columba’s is a very old school, but long before it was a seminary. Once, a priest in training jumped off the bell tower. Now, people who have been in the school at night have seen a figure up on the bell tower, preparing to jump the four stories down. Also, people who have been by themselves have reported being touched, or not being able to open doors, and feeling cold for no reason. Aboriginals have always felt that there was a strange presence on the grounds, or an uncomfortable feeling on the grounds.

New South Wales – Sydney – Busby – James Busby High School – It was built in the 1960’s as a temporary high school, but due to population rapidly increasing, it has been made a permanent high school that still remains today. Reports of classroom lights flashing at night, and of a ghost-like dog that chases people who dare to take a shortcut through the grounds of the school, late at night.

New South Wales – Sydney – Capitol Theatre – About ten years ago, the Capitol Theatre in Sydney was refurbished. One day, after seeing a ghost, a security guard decided that patrolling the site was not worth the money. Reports of seeing the apparition of a man.

New South Wales – Sydney – Castle Hill High – Haunted by an ex-student who committed suicide. In the quadrangle at night time, a man has been said to watch you from one of the windows. Witnesses have seen weird orbs floating on the school hall, and often hear the screams of a young girl.

New South Wales – Sydney – Darling Harbor – At the Novotel at darling harbor, there have been sightings of a woman with long black hair wearing a white dress.

New South Wales – Sydney – Darling Harbor – Xerts Restaurant – The ghost of a little boy haunts this restaurant. It is said that the boy died a few days after having his birthday party at the restaurant. The staff have seen a little boy riding a tricycle around the restaurant, and the nightshift staff can feel a strange presence. The restaurant also holds rides. Whoever wants to get off the ride, puts up their hand. One time, a staff member saw someone put up their hand, but there was no one there. However, the ghost is harmless and is hardly seen by clients.

New South Wales – Sydney – Eastlakes – People have heard strange noises, like someone is being slaughtered or being dragged down the stairs by something. Next to Eastlakes Public School, people have seen something white, staring through the window staring. Kids have said they’ve seen it from across the field.

New South Wales – Sydney – Green Valley – The lights in Busby west school continue to go on and off. Six people reported that they could of sworn they saw it. Teachers, student police, and others reported they may of seen a young innocent girl moaning and upset. She was stabbed in 1996, and still remains today in the Busby west boys school toilet.

New South Wales – Sydney – K-World (beside Hyde Park) – This is a belowground place for people to sing karaoke, which is in the lowest level of the building, and is just beside the Hyde Park on Elizabeth Street. People claimed that they came across a ghost in room 11. The story is that a group had just finished singing karaoke and were going to make a payment at the counter. The counterperson said that there were ten people inside the room, and demanded them to pay for the ten people. However, there were only nine of them, so they refused to pay for ten. But the counterperson swears that he/she saw ten people go into that room.

New South Wales – Sydney – Kingsgrove – Shackel Avenue – Scout Hall – This derelict, abandoned scout hall has been haunted ever since 1999, when apparently a man was murdered and buried underneath the scout hall. It is said that at night if you go under the hall you can see a ghost of what looks like a man with one arm. Strange noises have been heard, and children often in their teens, bring Ouija boards and play with them under this haunted hall, which is extremely dangerous. If visiting this hall, take precautions and don’t take Ouija boards because of many hazards to your spiritual well being and psychological health. It is still used today by the rovers, but no one dares go underneath the hall, which is filled with junk, wood, and various other materials.

New South Wales – Sydney – Liverpool Tafe – A girl at night can bee seen lurking around the K block building. Wearing only white, reports have suggested the girl’s name is Helen.

New South Wales – Sydney – Macquarie Fields Station – Late at night, when the station is nearly empty, you can always hear the moans and groans of a young girl in her teens. Screams would begin and then become much louder. Other people have heard the sounds too. Someone has once reported that they swear they saw a young girl wearing dancing clothes, covered in what looked like to be blood in her chest area (she was clutching her chest). She lurks around the station moaning and groaning. She also sits in the middle of the station, and just stares and cries. No one has reported any violence/harm done by the ghost.

New South Wales – Sydney – Penrith – Orchard Hills – This place is an old Mafia house and years ago, in the top tower of this house, they used to take people that deceived them and shoot them. Nobody lives there now, but at nighttime, the top tower light turns on and there is a distinctive white shaded figure that comes down the front lawn when you park your car there.

New South Wales – Sydney – Quarantine Station – People who visit the now empty Quarantine Station are often pushed by people who are not there. They are even pushed to the floor during the middle of the day.

New South Wales – Sydney – Shivan’s House of Minto Heights – A boy named Shivan once lived in this two-story house in Minto Heights. He had been run over in front of his house, and he is now seen in the windows of his house, with a frown.

New South Wales – Sydney – Sydney Airport – 20 years ago it is said that 12 teens went on a vacation to Australia. It was 2 weeks later until they had to leave. Since they were teenagers they wanted to do some silly regrettable things so they stayed in the bathrooms till closing time. They were then trapped. not until they were stuck at this airport did they realize it wasn’t a joke anymore and they had to escape so they spilt up to look for a way out. The next day they were found dead. No one knows how or what happened but all they could find out was that each of them had a symbol sliced into their stomachs the symbol of death. If you go there at night it is said that you can hear them wailing and sometimes see them panicking for help.

New South Wales – Sydney – Wakehurst Parkway – Notorious stretch of highway that is known for many fatal crashes, many of which are said to have been caused by a young girl by the name of “Kelly”. She enters into people’s motor vehicles as they drive along the dimly lit road after midnight. If she is not informed that her presence is unwanted, she will make the car veer off the road and crash.

New South Wales – Sydney – Wollongong – Mountain Coal Mine – In the 1920’s, a mineworker was killed. this mineworker was disliked by the community and at work, and whenever he was taunted, he cried and then let out evil laughs. It is said that if you go up to the mountain at midnight, you can still hear him laughing. It’s quite a very scary experience because many people say he hits and tugs at you.

New South Wales – Tamworth – King George Avenue – It you drive or walk to the end of the avenue late at night and face back towards the city, a phantom set of headlights will come flying towards you. Random electrical problems, such as fuses blowing have also occurred frequently. Many people have crashed and died on this stretch of road, as it used to be a popular drag strip.

New South Wales – Tamworth – Woolworth’s Car Park – If you ever go shopping at Tamworth Shopping World, never be in the underground car park alone after 1AM. About seventeen witnesses have reported feeling tickled and experiencing a temporary loss of sight.

New South Wales – Wentworth – Wentworth Jail – A photograph was taken by a visitor on a tour, that has an unexplainable white haze in it. It appears to be one or two white figures. This jail is very old, and is undoubtedly haunted. Some visitors have even claimed to hear voices. Unwelcoming feelings are also felt while being there.

New South Wales – Wollongong – Horsley – Many years ago, a girl was brutally murdered at night at a park on the side of the Bong Bong Road. Also, another girl was killed a few years later when she was hit by a car. It is now said that this road is haunted by the two girls’ angry spirit, looking for their killers.

New South Wales – Wollongong – Wombarra Cemetery – The cemetery covers a windswept headland, that juts out to sea in Wombarra, Northern Wollongong. From a distance, witnesses have seen a white figure standing at the end of the headland, looking out to sea.

Northern Territory – Darwin – Old Fannie Bay Jail – Prisoners wake up to the sighs and moans coming from the hanging barracks.

Queensland – Brisbane – Alexandra Hills State High School – A tall boy, seen with a very tight necktie, occasionally appears late in the afternoon. He is seen, but when obstructed by a moving crowd, etc. he disappears. Rumored to have appeared in bathroom mirrors. Matches the picture on a memory plate of a boy that died while attending Alex Hills.

Queensland – Brisbane – Bogu Road Jail – At around midnight, every night, an old prison guard, who was brutally murdered by two inmates, can be seen walking around the perimeter of the fence, just outside the main cell block. If you listen, you can also hear the group of keys that he carried, rattling against his leg as he walks

Queensland – Brisbane – Boogo Road Goal – Famous for the ‘Black Hole'(an underground series of cells used for solitary confinement), it is home to many tormented souls. Brisbane Ghost Tours hold frequent events, including haunted sleepovers, horror movie nights, etc.

Queensland – Brisbane – Brisbane Town Hall – Many people who have worked in the town hall admitted to experiencing a strange phenomenon. It is believed that at least three ghosts reside here. The first ghost is of a woman dressed in period-style clothing, and the second is a man who was crushed by an elevator. The third ghost is of a sailor who was brutally stabbed to death by a mate. Witnesses have claimed to see all of these ghosts at different times.

Queensland – Brisbane – Learning Institute of TAFE – Cleaners trying to open the door to an unoccupied room couldn’t budge it. After calling in others and finally opening the door, they found a filing cabinet pushed up against the door. Note that this room is on the 3rd floor, with no other way to enter or exit it except for the door. The building is rumored to have once been a convent.

Queensland – Brisbane – Lutwyche Cemetery – When you drive through here at night and get to the dead end, your car starts to drive backwards and you can’t hit your brakes. The car then stops at a certain spot and you can’t start your car for awhile.

Queensland – Brisbane – Newstead House – There have been reported sightings of a young lady in the girl’s bedroom, and of a manservant and his wife in the kitchen. There have also been sightings of a man under the north veranda. Cold spots and feelings of being watched.

Queensland – Brisbane – Toowong Cemetery – Toowong Cemetery is one of the biggest and most beautiful in Brisbane. Unfortunately, due to its location near a main road, it is a rather loud and restless environment. There are many rumors regarding hauntings and occurrences in the cemetery, however most are just that – rumors. There is a definite vibe to the place. There is very strong energy there, and sometimes strong feelings of sadness can be picked up on. The only commonplace rumor of any violent or physical manifestations in the cemetery, involves one of the crypts right near the main entrance. People have claimed to hear objects being thrown around and voices yelling. Otherwise, it is simply a beautiful cemetery, that has unfortunately become victim of vandalism and ridiculous stories. It is just a resting place with strong energies and emotions tied to it. It is believed that the gravestone just befor e your car starts to move up the hill, is owned by a child that has been hit by a car and died.

Queensland – Brisbane – Whepstead Manor – There are many ghosts at this site. It was once commissioned as a hospital. During night and day, it is told that you can hear the voices of singing and laughing. There have been many photos taken at this site, which has unexplained phenomena in them. Children can be heard, as well as their footsteps, running as they play. Staff reports of hair pulling, which is reportedly something that the “Matron” used to do to keep people in line

Queensland – Innisfail – Innisfail Cemetery – Within this cemetery are many old Italian mausoleums. Also, the unmistakable sounds of very loud breathing can sometimes be heard.

Queensland – Harrisville – Royal Hotel Harrisville – The structure was built in the 1800’s. Half of the building was burnt down in a tragic fire, allegedly killing several people. The hotel was rebuilt back to its original condition in the early 1900’s. But to this day, the hotel is home to many sightings and events of a scary kind. Many customers swear they have seen a person in one certain spot in the building, when there was never anyone there. The witnesses description of what they saw was always the same. Also many objects fall by themselves. People see a lady in an old-style black dress in the backrooms, near the kitchen area. Many publicans have been concerned that someone was trespassing into the private area of the hotel, only to find there is no one there! There is one photo that remains of the old hotel, with five people sitting outside in front of the establishment. The witnesses description of the lady in the black dress matches perfectly with one of the ladies in the photo. Along with this, there are also voices heard calling out people’s names, convincing even the toughest of critics.

Queensland – Mossman – Mossman Gorge – A female aboriginal spirit is seen in the water. The water is very cold. A number of males have drowned here.

Queensland – Strathpine – BrayPark State High School – At nighttime, when wandering through the school grounds, you can hear the strange moans of a teenage girl from the torment her fellow students gave her. Her spirit has a mullet for a haircut, and is said to look like a victim of a fire. Her skin was believed to be exceedingly abnormal. She committed suicide by hanging herself from the roof of the assembly hall. There have been electrical surges in the hall, due to the spirit’s raging anger.

Queensland – Wacol – Wolston Park- Evps and red orbs, ask to bang wall in old cold room and wall gets banged. This is on top floor too, so no one can hit it from outside and its soundproof. Weird tapping (almost like a cricket bat tapping concrete easiest way to describe it.) sound between buildings which moves around the cement area, came right to my feet during evp session. and much more.

South Australia – Adelaide – Adelaide Prison – There is a physic who went with a local radio station team to the prison, for an investigation. They took video recordings, and saw some orbs floating. The physic heard a little girl screaming, and asked if the members heard it also. One of the DJs of the radio show did. When they went back to the studio and played the tapes, they heard three levels of screaming voices, from faint to loud.

South Australia – Adelaide – Norwood – The old Norwood Primary School – People believe that a grounds man had once hung himself in a classroom. It’s believed that the lights at night flash on and off, and fade in and out. If you were to look at the window, you would see a white shadow moving side to side, staring you in the eyes. It’s also believed that the body of Groundskeeper Brown was buried at the school. Brown killed himself on March 29th, 1940. On every March 29th, he appears around the whole school, and protects himself and his grounds from any moving object within a 100 meter radius.

South Australia – Barossa Valley – Seppeltsfield Winery – Built in the early 1800s by Oscar Benno Seppelt, who is said to have turned slightly insane after spending hours confined in his private retreat, located behind the trophy cellar. If you go on one of their ghost tours held in the summer months, you feel as if you are being watched all the time. Walking through the barrel tunnel, you can hear loud footsteps above you, but there is no floor above you. After 7PM, the lights will not turn on in the lower levels. The ghostly apparition of a maid is said to haunt the homestead and tunnels. If you walk past the distillery and other cellars, you can hear screaming in the vineyards and see glowing in the top tower of the distillery. While walking past the Vinegar factory, you can hear the machines working, wheels cranking and the sounds of steam blasts, even though the factory has been locked for over 150 ye ars. During the tours, you can go into Oscar’s retreat, which is so small it can only fit a maximum of 4-5 people who even have to duck their heads to walk in. In the Mausoleum of the Seppelt family, you can see eerie bloodstains on the walls, which are still wet on the anniversary of their deaths. Due to this, the Mausoleum was locked and bolted shut in the late 20th century. Moans and whispering can be heard in the dinning hall, which you can hire for functions. Staff and tourists in the garden have heard rifle shots. These ghost tours are not for the faint hearted, and no tapes, projectors or computers are used at all. Also not recommended for children under ten years old. Walk through the gardens as you hear stories of near death experiences and listen to the screams and shots through the air. Many tourists have felt cold spots, and being pushed by invisible forces. Others have told of feeling depressed near the gardens, and even being frightened into screaming fits.

South Australia – Kapunda – Cemetery – Kapunda is a mining town just two hours from Adelaide. It is an old mining town. A young girl haunts the local cemetery there. She was sent there to the nuns when she was pregnant and unmarried. The local priest gave her an abortion, and still to this day she haunts the local cemetery, searching for her baby.

South Australia – Meningie – Local Farms – Doors slam, floors creak, voices and music are heard and things move by themselves.

Tasmania – Hobart – Kodak House – A female named Beryl haunts the Kodak House in Hobart town center. She mainly haunts the top two stories of the building, but sometimes she comes down to knock down displays, or scare the staff. There have been many sightings of Beryl. Apparently, she is a gentle ghost.

Tasmania – New Norfolk – Willow Court – It is supposed to be haunted by a mad patient that had died there.

Tasmania – Port Arthur – This was an old convict site. This place has many ghostly figures, which are always present. Near the old church ruins, on a Monday afternoon at around 6PM, bells were heard ringing from nowhere. There are several more areas in the historic site that contain ghosts.

Tasmania – The Old Hobart Goal – This goal was used for the housing and execution of convicts during the 1800’s and 1900’s. Many people were hung and ‘did time’ in here, and there are numerous stories of hauntings and presences. Blood can sometimes be smelled under the old gallows. Nightly ghost tours are held, as well as occasional trial reenactments.

Tasmania – Richmond – Richmond Bridge – Australia’s oldest bridge, it is said to be haunted by the ghost of George Grover, a flagellator supposedly thrown off the bridge by the convicts he tortured during its construction. Grover was transported to Van Diemen’s Land in 1825 for stealing, and by 1829 records show him as the flagellator at Richmond. His death in early March 1832 resulted in an inquest, concluding that he had laid down while drunk, and “fell or was pushed” from the parapet of the bridge, 27 feet in height. Grover’s ghost is said to appear on the bridge at certain times. The ghost of a large black and white dog, sometimes called ‘Grover’s Dog’, is also seen on the bridge. One lady reports it appearing at her side on several occasions, as she walked the bridge at night. It would walk alongside her from one end to the other, and then disappear as quickly as it had come.

Tasmania – Theatre Royal – The theatre has been haunted for many years by a deceased actor/stagehand named Fred. Fred is frequently seen in theatre, both backstage and in the audience. When a fire started after hours in the empty theatre, the fire curtain was mysteriously lowered, saving the theatre from being destroyed. Many believe it was Fred who lowered the curtain to save his beloved theatre, so the show could go on.

Victoria – Bendigo – Fortuna Villa – George Lansell can be seen sometimes around dusk, gazing over the villa. Around the third floor staircase, the caretaker and numerous other staff have seen a maid that Lansell allegedly had an affair with. George Lansell’s wife has been seen in a bathtub by the staff. The security guards have seen barrels being pushed down the hill and lights in the windows(the villa was also the site of a mapping facility for the Australia Armed Forces). The caretaker hired paranormal investigators to stay the night at Fortuna. While they were there, the lights went on and off multiple times. The caretaker asked George Lansell to turn on the lights, and the flickering stopped.

Victoria – Melbourne – Ballam Park Homestead – In 1853, people lived in the homestead, which was sold to another family and sold many more times with lots and lots of people dying there. A couple were having there wedding pictures taken at the homestead(they were the only people there plus the photographer), and when the photos were developed, you could see a little girl in the window on the second floor. Tours of the house are on from 2PM-5PM every weekend.

Victoria – Melbourne – Bundoora – La Rundel Mental Asylum – Banging noises are heard from the outside of hospital. Also, the sounds of music boxes and babies crying are heard around the area. An eerie coldness is felt.

Victoria – Melbourne – Casselden Place – Noises heard, exercise equipment running by themselves, doors shaking, and cold spots in some levels. The block that Cassenlden Place was built on was the red light district in the 1900s. For more information on the excavation, please go to – Casselden Place ExcavationCasselden Place – About the Dig

Victoria – Melbourne – Daisys – A pub located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a previous female owner.

Victoria – Melbourne – Greenvale – It’s an old mental hospital out in the bush. It’s a fair walk, but it’s said that it is still haunted by its prisoners. It is currently guarded by patrol cars and security. But for those who are willing to make the trip, it is worth while. But beware and get ready to run, because you will be chased. The building is surrounded by aboriginal grounds.

Victoria – Melbourne – Kew Mental Asylum – “Willsmere” – Noises have been heard by people living in three story houses, hearing noises from the levels above. There are also sightings of ghosts waking people up in the night, standing at the ends of their beds.

Victoria – Melbourne – Luna Park – Over fifty years ago, a crazy joker ghost terrorized people on rides and threw things.

Victoria – Melbourne – Methodist Ladies’ College – When MLC was first opened in around 1890, there was a girl who was a boarder. Her name was Nelly. She was said to either have killed herself, or to have died from a disease. Some people say that they have seen her haunting the top room of the boarding house, which was her room.

Victoria – Melbourne – Milanos Restaurant – The ghost of girl who was raped and murdered by original owners haunts the restaurant. Things smash, names are called and shadows have been seen. Known as Tilly, the ghost is always aggressive to males and more playful to females.

Victoria – Melbourne – Old Melbourne Jail – A number of ghosts, including the ghost of the famous bushranger Ned Kelly, are said to inhabit the walls of this colonial prison.

Victoria – Melbourne – Princess Theatre – Eerie lights and uncanny noises. One time, something tried to push someone down the stairs. Rumor has it, the ghost of an English tenor had a heart attack when he fell through a trap door on the stage while performing in 1888. Seen sometimes as a golden orb, or just a general feeling of uneasiness.

Victoria – Melbourne – Que Cottages Mental Hospital – Noises from the tower during the nightshift.

Victoria – Melbourne – Pentridge Prison – An evil presence has been noted by several visitors to this prison, before they stopped doing tours. Many areas within the prison are said to be haunted by past inmates. The jail is currently being converted into apartments.

Victoria – Melbourne – Royal Park Hospital – Taps turning on during the nightshift.

Victoria – Melbourne – Vermont – The center road milk bar has had reports of white, ghostly figures, floating around and opening doors. They are known to go around in the other houses on Beddoe Road.

Victoria – Melbourne – Overnewton Castle – A boy who died there(approximately 15 years ago), is said to haunt the place. The boy apparently fell down the stairs on a school trip, and broke his neck. The school opposite of the castle used to use the castle as a library, but since the children(6-18 years old) claimed to see the boy at the top of the spiral staircase, the school stopped using it. Also, passersby report seeing apparitions in the window. The place is currently a function hall, but no one is allowed access to the staircase. The main gate closes by itself, and lights go on and off when there is apparently no one home.

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Most Haunted Places in Afghanistan

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Afghan – Tajikistan border – Hindu Kush mountains – The “Ail”, feminine looking entities with floating hair, pale eyes resembling milky white orbs and glacier pale skin are said to inhabit the region whenever the suns rises so high, that you cannot see your own shadow, or at twilight. Even though they normally go on about their business, it is best to treat them with respect, since the Ail are known to be quite violent and hostile. That is why you almost never see any villagers or nomads out during those times in the day.

Kabul – Kabul University –
It has been told that some of the abandoned dorms and abandoned classrooms were used by the Taliban to torture and kill people whom dare defy them. While some foreign aid workers were helping out on re-building Kabul University, it was said by many that they smelled the foul scent of rotting flesh, feces and other bodily wastes. Others said they also saw the entities of the victims that were tortured to death by the Taliban or heard screaming and crying in pain, when there was no one there.

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Best Haunted Places in India

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Bombay – Bombay Supreme Court – for over 30 years whenever a murder trial is conducted here a vengeful bilingual ghost makes itself known by cursing and terrorizing anyone brave (or foolish) enough to enter.

Delhi – Delhi cant. – Most of the times, people see a lady standing in white dress asking for lift. if you go thru she will run as fast as the car runs & people reported her sitting there.

Gujarat – Surat – Dumas – If you walk towards the ocean at night in Dumas then u will hear noises that will tell you go home don’t go forward and all scary things happen. Dogs will even start chasing you sometimes but they say that the dogs run because they are trying to get away from that place as well. This all happens because Hindus burn their bodies after they die over there and the ghosts in there body stay in the air.

Hyderabad – Ramoji Film City – It is a big film city in Hyderabad,(like universal studios) the hotels in Ramoji film city are haunted. They say that the film city is built on war grounds of the Nizam sultans. Witnesses report the lights kept on top keep falling off, the light men- who sit with the lights on top have been pushed so many times and many have had grievous injuries. The food left in rooms also gets scattered around the room and strange marks are left on the mirror, some script…. resembling Urdu…the language spoken by the sultans. Girls are the ghosts’ favorite to haunt. They trouble the girls so much, they tear their clothes, knock on the bathroom doors while the outside doors are locked. They create havoc. Many preventive measures have been taken to prevent hauntings……but of no use…they keep coming back after sometime.

Lonawala – Maharashtra – Raj Kiran hotel – Reports of bedsheets being pulled off and continue to be pulled even after the guest is woken up. This room is in the corner and at the backside of the reception on the ground floor itself.

Meerut – GP block – It has been always seen that 4 guys are sitting inside the house with a single candle lighted and drinking beers. It happens to be most common sight for people passing through that area but few person also added that even they have seen girls in red dress coming out of the house. The house is double stored and people have seen the scene happening on the roof top. People have left moving through that place now.

Mumbai – Mahim – Near Canossa primary there is a chawl named d’souza chawl, there is a local well from whwere people used to fill water and even wash clothes.This well did not have any boundary walls around it and once when a lady was filling water the whole thing collapsed.The lady too fell in that well and died.After this incident she is said to appear everyday near that well and many of the locals have even seen her. She does not harm anyone just strolls around the place and before morning hours she dissappears.

New Delhi – Sanjay Van (near Qutab Institutional Area) – Sanjay Van is a huge forest area spread over around 10 kms. There is a cremation ground also there, many people have reported having seen a lady dressed in a white saree appearing and disappearing suddenly.

Pune – Shaniwarwada Fort – When Peshwas ruled the western Indian province, Narayan the heir of the kingdom was assassinated on his uncle Madhavrao’s wife’s orders. Narayan was chased by his assassins across the entire fort. It was said that while running for his life he called “Uncle save me”, and even today locals say that they hear his cries for help at midnights on new moon day.

Rajasthan – Alwar / Bhangarh-Ajabgarh – Bhangarh ruins – Bhangarh is a place on way from Jaipur to Alwar city in Rajasthan state of India. Today Bhangarh is known for it’s ruins where nobody dares to stay after sunset. Going to history we find that this town was established by Madho Singh, younger brother of King Akbar’s General Man Singh, in 1631. But the city seems to have been abandoned in a hurry some centuries later. As per local folks, due to some curse the whole town was vacated overnight. According to this curse It was also said that if the town was ever rediscovered, the township would not be found, but only temples would show up. True to the story, only temples dot the landscape and even far up on the mountains only shrines can be seen. People say that nobody returned from there who stayed there after dark. The biggest thing is that as per Govt. of India rules there has to be an office of Archaeology Survey of India (ASI) beside every historical structure in India. But even Government authorities couldn’t dare to open an office there and they opened their office about one kilometer away from the ruins of Bhangarh. Also ASI has put a signboard at Bhangarh saying, “Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area.” People who visit this place out of tourist interest say that there is a strange feeling in the atmosphere of Bhangarh, which causes sort of anxiety and restlessness.

Thane – Vrindavan Society – Its said a Man had committed suicide in one of the Buildings in Vrindavan Society(Bldg. No.66 B).The security guard’s patrolling the area around have come across weird happenings. Once a guard was slapped so hardly that he got up from his chair and hit the other guard who was near by him thinking he was the one who hit him.

West Bengal – Kurseong – Dow-Hill – The forests have an uncanny feeling. Its damp, cold and sometimes dark. People up here tend to be depressed and countless murders have taken place. On the stretch between Dow-Hill road and the Forest Office, wood cutters returning in the evenings have sited a young boy walking head-less for several yards and then walk away from the road into the woods. Other than this, footsteps are heard in the corridors of the Victoria Boys School when the school is closed for long holidays from December to March.

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Bible and the Evil Spirits

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Jesus taught His disciples how to cast out devils. Today we create denominations and fear dealing with devils. Yet many are possessed and grossly influenced by demons. Learn what demon spirits are out there circulating throughout the earth to destroy humanity.

I know prior to receiving Jesus Christ as my personal Savior I struggled with several gross sins and felt compelled beyond my ability to resist. Now knowing what I do, I feel that demon spirits were on assignment against me to both assault and destroy my life (John 10:10). As any alcoholic, drug addict, or sex addict can tell you, such compulsions can be overwhelming and difficult to resist in one’s own strength. Thanks be to God for His Holy Spirit that empowers us against all demonic spirits. (Matt.12:28)

Here are the various evil spirits mentioned in the Bible.

1.familiar spirit (Leviticus 20:27; 1Samuel 28:7)

2.spirit of jealousy (Numbers 5:14,30)

3.evil spirit (Judges 9:23; 1Samuel 16:14)

4.sorrowful spirit (1Samuel 1:15)

5.lying spirit (1Kings 22:22-23)

6.haughty (prideful) spirit (Proverbs 16:18)

7.perverse spirit (Isaiah 19:14)

8.spirit of deep sleep (Isaiah 29:10)

9.spirit of heaviness (Isaiah 61:1)

10.spirit of whoredom (Hosea 4:12; 5:4)

11.unclean spirit (Zechariah 13:2)

12.deaf and dumb spirit (Mark 9:17,25)

13.spirit of infirmity (Luke 13:11)

14.spirit of divination (Acts 16:16)

15.spirit of bondage (Romans 8:15)

16.spirit of slumber (Romans 11:8)

17.spirit of fear (2Timothy 1:7)

18.spirit of lust (James 4:5)

19.spirit of antichrist (1John 4:3)

20.spirit of error (1John 4:6)

21.seducing spirit (1Timothy 4:1)

22.spirit of Egypt [also known as the spirit of the world] – (Isaiah 19:3; 1John 2:15-16)

23.spirit of disobedience (Ephesians 2:2)

These various spirits may be named differently according to whatever Bible translation used. I have named them as mentioned within the King James Version of the Bible.

We must never forget that we are in a spiritual war and need to wrestle against the forces of evil (Revelation 12:7; Ephesians 6:12; 2Corinthians 10:3-6). We cannot overlook or be ignorant of Satan’s strategies and devices by which he assaults and seeks to destroy our lives (2Corinthians 2:11; 2Timothy 2:24-26)

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