The Whaley House : The most haunted house in the U.S

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Located in San Diego, California, the Whaley House has earned the title of “the most haunted house in the U.S.” Built in 1857 by Thomas Whaley on land that was partially once a cemetery, the house has since been the locus of dozens of ghost sightings.

The Whaley House

The Whaley House

Author deTraci Regula relates her experiences with the house: “Over the years, while dining across the street at the Old Town Mexican Cafe, I became accustomed to noticing that the shutters of the second-story windows [of the Whaley House] would sometimes open while we ate dinner, long after the house was closed for the day. On a recent visit, I could feel the energy in several spots in the house, particularly in the courtroom, where I also smelled the faint scent of a cigar, supposedly Whaley’s calling-card. In the hallway, I smelled perfume, initially attributing that to the young woman acting as docent, but some later surreptitious sniffing in her direction as I talked to her about the house revealed her to be scent-free.”

Some of the other ghostly encounters include:

  • The spirit of a young girl who was accidentally hanged on the property.
  • The ghost of Yankee Jim Robinson, a thief who was clubbed to death and who can be heard on the house’s stairway where he died, and has sometimes been seen during tours of the old house.
  • The red-haired daughter of the Whaley’s sometimes appears in such a realistic form; she is sometimes mistaken for a live child.

Famed psychic Sybil Leek claimed to have sensed several spirits there, and renowned ghost hunter Hanz Holzer considered the Whaley to be one of the most reliably haunted structures in the United States.


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Best Haunted Places in Minnesota

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Aitkin – 40 Club Restaurant & Bar- The 40 Club Bar & Restaurant in Aitkin, MN is haunted by the spirit of a man that died in an upstairs apartment in 1999.The man that died was not found until days after his death when he hadn’t reported for work. Late at night TV’s turn themselves on and are only static when there should be normally a picture on them. Also noises can be heard late when only the staff is in the building, Cold breezes can be felt throughout the building as well as “hot spots”. Footsteps can be heard upstairs when no one is up there. Since the death, the upstairs apartment has been boarded up and no one has entered the room.

Alexandria – Old Broadway Restaurant – Old Broadway was once a brothel and a morgue. It is now a restaurant. Patrons and staff have reported that they witnessed an old woman walking upstairs during the evenings. She has also been seen in the mirrors as staff cleaned off the tables. The old woman is believed to be friendly.

Annandale – Thayer’s Bed and Breakfast – Not only is the place haunted by a little girl ghost, a bride, but also there are two ghost cats, and the owners husband, plus the two original owners! But, the best part is that the current owner is psychic, and gives readings to guests (by appointment.)

Anoka – Anoka State Hospital – Anoka State hospital has tunnels leading underground that link the buildings together. Mental patients were known to try to escape through the tunnels, were caught and murdered, or committed suicide by hanging themselves from the pipes along the ceiling of the tunnels. Spirits have been heard laughing and whispering, and have been known to appear in the tunnels, which are now closed except to security and maintenance.

Anoka – Billy’s Bar & Grill – It is rumored that this now local bar at one time was a whore house. Not to the liking of the owner at the time she was over powered by her male employees and was unable to keep the establishment a simple tavern for the traveling loggers working on the nearby Rum River. She died up stairs in one of the bedrooms not to soon after the uprising. To this day several people (patrons & employees) have noticed tables set in the morning when arriving to work, pictures on the wall moved around, and simple cleaning tasks done when no one had actually done them. The old maid has also been seen in the bar and restaurant wandering aimlessly.

Anoka – Cal’s Cornor the old River Front Restaurant – The front door mysteriously locked its self at all hours of the day.

Anoka – Coonrapids – Tequilaberrys – Glasses crashing, When there was nothing broke, in the bar all the glasses were sitting on the floor. Hearing your name called, You turn around no one there

Apple Valley – Andy’s market – The haunted place is called Dead Man’s Hill. The story is a little boy named Dameon. He was sliding down the back hill, when an arrow shot him in the eye. He is heard moaning, and pushing people in their sleds into trees. He can be harmful but all he wants is a buddy.

Apple Valley – Andy’s Market Hill – Back Hill – In 1998, a ten-year-old boy was sliding down the back hill when an arrow shot him in the eye. He is usually seen at night by night sleders walking around on the top of the back hill, and sometimes pushing sleders into trees. Yet even some, very few, but some, are driven away from trees if they are naturally heading for it. It is suspected that only children are able to see him. Adults are only capable of hearing these things.

Apple Valley – Falcon Ridge Middle School – While being built in the summer of 1995, a construction worker was buried alive in the digging process. He’s been reportedly seen late at night walking through the commons, unlocking doors, and moaning. The lights surrounding the school mysteriously go on and off late at night also.

Apple Valley – Lake Alimagnet Trails – sightings of a figure who seems to look like a clown have been reported. The clown does not seem to be harmful, but stares at you. The only intent is to scare you away from the wooded trails. Sightings have been reported mostly at dust, just as the sun sets.

Aurora – High School – There was a very horrible fire at the school in 1977. In this fire many lives were taken because at the time there was a bunch of kids just going around pulling the alarms. There have been sightings of 2 boys walking on the third floor yelling and there’s been reported sightings of a girls on the seconds floor crying for someone to help her.

Bayport – Stillwater Prison – The living unit that is called B West has an ghost which appears on the 3rd floor. The area called the “brake” area between cells 301 and 732 has an inmate that supposedly died while in prison standing in the corner by a mop sink.

Blaine – Blaine High School – Believed to be haunted by a girl possibly named Alana. In the hallway, if someone is alone, we would hear footsteps, like real close be you. But when you turn around or look around, you see no one, but you still hear footsteps. Then in the girls bathroom, someone wrote Alana 6-1978. The janitor took it off, but like a few days later, it is still there, the exact same way, the same exact writing, just everything.

Bloomington – Jefferson High School – Sometime in the 1970s a kid was climbing up the stairs in the auditorium to get some props. While he was climbing up there he apparently fell and died. Now there is a railing and a fence at the top of the prop room and across from that is a painting of a guy falling.

Bloomington – Radisson South Hotel – Footsteps are heard and the feeling they are coming toward you.

Breckenridge – Cinema 6 Theater – There have been two fires at the theater itself. The first one started in the projection room. I don’t know where the second one started. There used to be a hotel in the exact spot where the theater is. In 1977-1979(I’m not sure what year) the hotel was burnt down with almost everyone dead including the man who started the fire. Some people in Breckinridge think that his spirit started the fires in the theater. Some people have claimed that they saw a transparent man wandering the halls during the movie, including some employees.

Brooklyn Center – Regal Cinemas – Man fell while the theatre was being bilt from the roof near theatre 10. Managers and workers have said they heard foot steeps and loud noises up stairs where they play the movies. When they have these experences they are compleatly alone.

Brooklyn Park – AMF bowling lanes – A avid bowler passed away and his soul still comes back to bowl. Late at night you can hear the sound of bowling balls going down the lane and pins knocking over. This happens late after closing and all of the lanes are turned off. – July 2005 Update – it should be noted the bowling alley is now closed and boarded up, and will be torn down in a matter of months. If you try to investigate this place without permission, you will be arrested.

Brooklyn Park – Schmits Music Warehouse – haunted by a man who had a heart attack and died in a doorway to the warehouse in the back of the store. While cleaning up after hours, staff have heard the pianos play by themselves, and the drums and other instruments hanging on the walls play by themselves.

Buffalo – Sturges Park – The old bathroom is reportedly the sight of a lot of paranormal activity. Names written in blood on the mirror. Strange balls of light floating in and out. Old man Sturges, a wealthy businessman of Buffalo in the 1880s is seen occasionally wandering through his old house, which is right next to the park.

Burnsville – Benchwarmer Bob’s Restaurant – Several employees have seen an apparition of an Indian in the basement hallway of the restaurant. The k-9 dogs for Burnsville Police will not enter that area of the restaurant. – March 2008 Update: Currently owned by a local bank – they want NOTHING to do with any ghost hunters/paranormal groups or even the rumor of such.No Trespassing

Burnsville – Burnsville Center – A worker who fell to his death from the scaffolding while the building was being constructed seems to haunt the facility now. Reparts have been made of hearing footsteps on metal steps.

Camp Ripley military base – Reports by many U.S Army soldiers of old units of cavalry sent to fight the Indians riding up and down the firing ranges in full battle dress flags flying and all sounds of bugles and thundering horses also heard at night

Chanhassen – Chanhassen Dinner Theater – This theater was built over the site of a house that burnt down with a woman still inside. She is said to haunt the new structure. There is another ghost here of an actor who was hit by a car when she was bicycling home from work. Her spirit has been spotted backstage. – March 2008 update: According to Chanhassen Dinner Theatre AND the Carver County Historical Society – there isn’t now and never was a haunting.

Chanhassen – Water Tower – Downtown – not known who its haunted by. but on any giving night strange noises can be heard, and a ghostly figure can be seen dancing around it and on top of it.

Cloquet – Cloquet High School – Over the stage where the lights and catwalk are the door sometimes mysteriously opens and slams shut. Many of the female actors see a white figure up there, assuming it is a techie they dismiss it. Yet, sometimes when the techies are all around the white bodiless head stares at you and once you speak disappears. This mostly happens during performances. This spirit will not show itself to men, because many scared girls attempt to show it to the boys and they can’t see it, while the girls see it is plainly there.

Columbia heights – Pizza Hut – The old baker that used to work there when it was doughnut shop. Hung himself in the backroom. People see him from time to time and sometimes the lights will all of the sudden turn off also the faucets will turn on and off.

Cottage Grove – Cottage Grove Historical Cemetery – Many spirits in this cemetery, one seen in the window of the storage shed, and also smells of perfume in certain areas.

Cottage Grove – dead mans pond – It is said that a little boy was pulled under the water and drowned. To this day the ducks will sit at the edge of the water but will not go near the middle. And if you look closely you can see bubbles rise up from the middle of the pond.

Crookston – University of Minnesota – McCall Hall – A former resident claims always being able to hear people laughing and stomping in the hall with no one there when you would open the door. Also hearing their door open and then shut again and seeing apparitions of a girl. This building is one of the oldest on campus and used to be used to house students when it was an agricultural high school, the building is about 100 yrs old who knows if it is drafts or someone who doesn’twant to leave the building.

Crosby – Milford Magneses Mine – It is believed to have become haunted after a great tragedy when the mine flooded and killed 41 people and then the mine later reopened and men started to quit without giving reasons and few years later after that they closed it and now its just sits there.

Delano – Delano Middle School – A long time ago a teacher got really mad at a boy and killed him after school in the boys bathroom and sometimes when boys go in the bathroom they can here someone saying i didnt do it but no one will be there and they never saw the teacher since.

Delano – Fountain Lake – They say a women drowned in the lake and every night at midnight you can hear her ghost scream.

Delano – Lake Rebecca Park – a man haunts a bench on the trail were he killed himself.

Duluth – Charlie’s Club – There is a night club in the western part of Duluth called Spirit Valley,(go figure). The building was built in the late 1800’s and was previously 4 stories tall, now a single story due to a fire. Even though no one was hurt or killed in the blaze, the bar has quite alot of paranormal activity. It was quite a colorful place back in the day, being a reported “house of commercial affection”, gin mill, speak easy, etc. There are a couple of ongoing events that are quite commonplace. Near the west doors are a couple of pool tables. Just off the far right corner there is a corner drink table where many people have had been either shoved, poked brushed or had their stick bumped to only discover that there is noone there. The other instance is the old woman who shows herself only to men. Mostly men who work there, including yours truly. Many staff members have heard the bathroom’s doors open and close, slam shut, swing open violently, the back security door open and slam shut, and no one being there. Attesting to this is it mostly happens after closing time when only the staff is there cleaning up with perimeter alarms set that if anyone was in these areas it would trip the alarms.

Duluth – Denfeld High School Auditorium – Varied stories of people falling off balcony, a murder under the stage and also lights falling onto actors while on stage. Cold spots and invisible presences felt.

Duluth – Duluth Central High School – Back in the 1970’s a girl was raped in the girl’s bathroom on the first floor. She didn’t know what to do, afraid they would attack her again, so she killed herself in her home 3 days before graduation. Ever since students have heard moans in the girl’s bathroom when they are alone and red fingerprints on the mirrors. Janitors have also claimed to find papers and belongings that had the victims name on them.

Duluth – Duluth International Airport – The ghost of a woman murdered on a nearby road haunts the airport to which her murderer fled after stabbing her to death. The ghost has been seen by security staff and causes doors to open and close sounding alarms with no one in the secured areas.

Duluth – East High School – Little Theater – The drama director of many years ago (initials RC) was writing a play, but before he could finish it, he fell off the balcony of the theater and died. No one has seen the play that he was writing. Then one day, it showed up on an English teacher’s desk with a note on the old East High stationery saying “please perform this” with the initials “RC” on the bottom. The play has never been performed. The lights in the light room mysteriously turn on when the theater is dark. Many students say that it is cold in some parts of the theater, especially near the light board.

Duluth – East High School – there was a janitor nicknamed “Red Monkey.” The story says that he got locked in a closet in the school and eventually died there. Some students have seen money dressed in red walking around the school’s halls, and then disappearing.

Duluth – Glensheen Mansion/Congdon Mansion – Haunted by maid who was murdered there and by the woman who was murdered there too by her own children Delete- Duluth – Congdon Mansion – Elisabeth Congdon and her nurse haunt the house they were murdered in.

Duluth – Morgan park middle school – glowing red light from inside of one of the rooms, on the rooftop of the school, a tall looking figure staring at witnesses. Hearing a little girl’s scream for help.

Duluth – Spirit Mountain – some person died on this ski hill and one night me and my friends went sledding down the snowboard park and at the bottom there is a announcer stand and over the speakers they play music on the speakers when the place is closed and me and my friends herd the shed hissing at us and when we went down passed the shed we saw someone standing in the shed.

Duluth – University of Minnesota Duluth – Griggs Hall S – On the first floor in the bathroom two presences haunts one of the toilets. The first year after the building was opened two students died in the bathroom of alcohol poisoning. Sounds of puking are often heard. And moaning. And profanity. And a smelly stench.

Duluth – Walgreen’s – There was a guy that died in a house nearby and in the Walgreen’s parking lot people have seen a white shadowy figure in their headlights.

Eagan – Blockbuster Video – After the store closes every night, 2 dark figures, one short and one tall, have been seen running between aisles and appearing out of people’s eyes.

Elysian – Le Sueur County Museum – Employees say they have heard many voices talking. When they checked all over, they found no one around. In one event, a typewriter started typing by itself. Another time, a very old record player started playing by itself. And another time after hours, all 3 employees were in the staff room on the second floor, and heard the small service bell ring. They all went downstairs and no one was there. NOTHING could have fallen on the bell, or have made it ring. There’s a toilet in the basement that nobody uses, and one day 2 employees were upstairs and heard a loud crash. When investigating downstairs, they realized the toilet seat was down, when it was left up. All these events occurred over much time, and not very often. The employees wonder what happens during the 5 months the museum is closed.

Embarrass – Heritage Park House – In the house the family that lived there a dad had killed his son by telling him that if Jesus could walk on water so could he, the boy then drowned under the bridge near the house. The father continued to beat his children until he later died. To this day people have reported sightings of the boy who was drowned by the bridge, and the house remains abandoned.

Eveleth – Eveleth-Gilbert High School – in the auditorium people say they were painting on the stage and glanced up on the balcony and saw a person walk by, and there is also paranormal activity in the red room upstairs from the auditorium

Faribault – Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf – Many ghost encounters are said to have occurred here. People have claimed to see a black ghost sitting in the balcony of Noyes Hall. Lights often go out in Noyes Hall and Tate Hall. Witnesses have also claimed to see a number other ghosts on the campus. The origins of the spirits are unknown.

Faribault – Shattuck St. Mary’s- The old abandoned infirmary has been around since 1861. It was originally a ski lodge. It has housed all the sick and dying students with incurable diseases until 1912. The inhabitants have included crazy war veterans from the civil war, and the victims of horrible epidemics. Due to the high levels of asbestos the building has been closed, but students still claim to see sickening ghostly figures with boils, rashes, and raw openings appear in the upper floor windows. Two young women were possessed in 1971 and an exorcism had to be performed.

Forest City – Mystery Road 660 – If you go through Forest City be sure to get on road 330 and then turn on to 660. Bring your level with you. Drive down the road a hundred feet and check the road, it should be perfectly level. Now turn your car around and put it in neutral. Your car will get pulled backwards on a perfectly level road. People also get headaches on this road.

Grey Cloud Island – Many strange occurrences have been rumored and reported on this Island. It is a place that is walked by Chief Grey Cloud…and something(s) else.

Grove City – Blue Moon Restaurant – Footsteps heard coming from the kitchen area to the end of the hall by the restroom. The footsteps were heard nightly between 11-12 pm. Also, apparitions of a tall gentlemen (about 6 ft) wearing a long black cape. No facial characteristics were noticed since light was coming from behind the apparition. This restaurant is located about 5 miles north of Cosmos, MN on HWY 4.

Hastings – LeDuc Mansion – is rumored to have a ghost of a former resident.

Hastings – Treat Me Sweet – Treat me sweet has been haunted for some years now. Treat Me Sweet use to be a restaurant some time ago It is haunted by a man. This man used to be the owner of this restaurant. He committed suicide in the back of the kitchen.

Hibbing – Hibbing High School Auditorium – An apparition of an older male sitting in seat J47 has been photographed many times. It is thought to be the ghost of a stage manger, but this is untrue. There has always been an odd occurrence in the auditorium, but the rumor wasn’t believed until the apparition was captured in the photograph after a play practice in 2000. – October 2004 update: currently being investigated by Northern Minnisosta Paranormal Investigators. The origins of the ghost are still unknown.

Hibbing – Little Swan Cemetery – Zim Rd. – Reports of anomalies in pictures taken there and severe temperature changes.

Highland – Hillcrest Recreation Center -From the top floor you can hear laughing when no body is there. Plus cold air is found up there when there is no air-conditioning.

Hoyt Lakes – Hoyt Lakes Cemetery – It is said that after being left in the cemetery a young girl was frightened to death, and now is seen at nights waiting for her ride to come back for her.

Hutchinson – Harrington House – On the north side of Park Elementary, there is a 1-story house, built around 1820, the first in our town of Hutchinson. The house was built by the Harringtons and was inhabited for 40 yrs by the Harringtons. One night, Litte Crow, a Crow Indian known around here as hero, spent the night with two of his friends, and both were shot in the house, one in the basement, and one on the top level. The ghosts of the two Indians haunt the house. Pictures fall, blood comes through the floor, and voices are heard. – November 2003 Update/ correction: Little Crow was a Sioux, not a Crow Indian. Little crow and his son were shot but a farmer while picking berries near Hutch. The son lived. Little Crow’s body was dragged into town, abused by the locals who put firecrackers in his ears and dumped in the local landfill.

Kandiyohi – Twin Lakes Hill – When you park your car at the beginning of the hill and start walking up the hill; you feel as if someone is watching you.  At the top of the hill when it’s dead quite you can hear people talking and no one is around.  Going down the other side and walking until you see a few trees knocked over, you might catch a glimpse of a young girl named Kirsten who was shot there.  In that area there’s a feeling of sadness and depression.  heading back to your car down the hill you can hear screams and all the sudden feel a great sense of anger and hatred.  By the time you reach your car you get a strong feeling as though someone has followed you right to your car.

Kimball – Laundry mat – People have said when they are there washing their clothes late at night they have heard strange crying, and one lady says she has seen a little girl running from the door into a wall.

Lake Elmo – Demontreville – Monastery at Demontreville – There is a ghostly monk dressed in a brown robe that runs out into the road just in front of the monastery between the hours of midnight and one o’clock a.m. This monk will run right out in front of your car and you think you are going to hit him. Then he will completely disappear in front of your eyes. He is described as being tall, thin and young, perhaps in his 20s or early 30s.

Lamar – Barton County Hospital – The staff have heard someone walking down the hall, things moving (heavy furniture).

Lino Lakes – St. Joesph’s Catholic Church – It has been said that before the church was built, it was a Catholic school.  The current office was built where one of the nun’s office was. People have described that they see her often around the church. She has been said to be the cause of calls to the Lino police in places where there are no phones (such as the religious classrooms).  The people who work in the office have experienced doors opening and slamming shut, and the piano player has witnessed the keyboard being played & no one was sitting on the bench. Another witness said that she was sitting at her desk and a bible fell off the shelf. After putting it back up, a few minutes later it fell back down. This when on for a while. One of the teens in the church has said to have heard heels walking behind her and there was no one there. Then she heard someone whisper “Stop That!” No one was there.

Litchfield – Ness Church – This church is haunted by The Sioux Indians. Many reports say that the lights of the church turn on, strange figures appear, a little girl named Annie was buried it has been said that she will come out to your car at night and sit on top to of the roof of your car and if you drive off with her on your car she will haunt you for the rest of your life unless you let her get off on her own, and last at the stroke of midnight a car would appear and drive behind you and all of a sudden disappear once you hit the end of the rode.

Long Lake – Holbrook Park – in the park around midnight and 2:oo a.m. a little lost girl is sighted walking around the park as if she was lost or just walking but always disappears when you get to close. She fades away after a while and later comes back with her father. But when she is with her father she is carrying apples in her dress. They are only seen on Sunday nights but don’t get to close to her stay away or her father gets defensive and will attack and leave you with a hurt gut and markings on the face and body.

Loon Lake – Loon Lake cemetery – The cemetery at Loon Lake, Minn. is said to be haunted by the ghost of a witch that is buried there. You can find the cemetery on the Lake’s southeast shore. Turn into “Brown’s Campgrounds” they have signs directing you to it’s sight. It’s open during the day only!

Mantorville – Opera House – A lady was in the dressing room in the basement when a lady who was wearing the same dress came into the room and started talking to her and telling her about the time when she played the same role in the play years earlier, but when she turned around there was no one there. She ran upstairs to tell her friend who played the villain about what happened when they both saw a shadowy figure up in the rafters that looked like the costume he was wearing. They left everything and left the place very quickly.

Maple Grove – Hunted Crick – there where two cars that crashed and killed 4 people. And the ghosts still drive by the bridge over the crick and if you get in their way you gets the chills.

Maplewood – Maplewood Community center – A boy has been spotted at the bottom of the pool, and known to tug on you and pull you under.

Miller Hill Mall – There once was a woman that gave birth in the bathroom in the Miller Hill Mall. She flushed it down the toilet, and people have been saying they been hearing sound’s of a baby crying in the bathroom.

Minneapolis – Ascension Place – You can hear knocking on doors at 3am, and no body is there, televisions, water faucets turn on by themselves, cold spots and a host of other things. You can feel it the minute you walk in the door! Weird things happened in all the rooms with a 6; like 116, 216.

Minneapolis – City Hall – the fifth floor is haunted by a man was hung there.

Minneapolis – First Ave. night club – apparition of a blonde woman with a green jacket that has been seen quite often. The staff has seen her on a number of occasions and one poor women has seen her hanging in the 5th stall of the women’s bathroom. The DJs have heard strange sounds coming from their headsets and people have been said to see dancing apparitions with no legs.

Minneapolis – Guthrie Theatre – The story is that an usher who committed suicide as a teenager haunts the theater. He can be seen in the aisles when the lights in the house are down and there is light shining in from the corridor. – January 2007 Update: Guthrie theatre in Minneapolis was closed down and moved to a brand new building built in another location.

Minneapolis – Minneapolis College of Art and Design – has a ghost loose. Many students have been woken up in the night, frozen and not able to move, and heard screaming inside their heads. Apparently, some one had been raped and killed in one of the basement apartments at one time.

Minneapolis – Minneapolis Institute of the arts – Areas of extreme, ‘cold spots’, especially in the, Connecticut Room, (a 1700’s style room).

Minneapolis – Stillwater – Arcola Trail Bridge – A young wife searches to find her husband along the abandoned railroad tracks of Arcola Trail in Stillwater Minnesota. You may find her walking about with her lantern in her white gown late at night.

Minneapolis – Treasure Island Casino – The casino is located about 1 hour from the Minneapolis area near the Wisconsin / Minnesota border. Returning home from the casino (on Hwy 18 along the Mississippi river) alone after midnight, a witness reports he stopped his car on the shoulder of the highway to take a little nap as it was late and he was tired. Shortly after he closed his eyes, he heard the soft muted sound of footsteps walking towards his car. The footsteps sounded like a person with a broken leg because it was dragging one leg as it walked. He got up to see who it was because he didn’t want the cops to give him a ticket. He peered out of the car window to see an old man(?) with dark hallow eyes and frayed white hair leaning on the passenger window behind the driver’s seat. The old man was rotten and his clothes were tattered! That was all he could make out of the ghost before he quickly started his car and drove off in a hurry.

Minneapolis – The University of Minnesota – Washington Avenue Bridge – The Washington Avenue Bridge connects the east bank from the west bank which house separate portions of campus. There have been several suicides off of the bridge into the Mississippi river below, most often by students. Late at night if you walk through the tunnel you can sometimes hear footsteps following you. If you turn around they will stop, and then continue again when you start to move. Also, the University of Minnesota had to remove several flags from the bridge, because they were being ripped down by an unseen force. Even while under surveillance.

Montgomery – Montgomery Golf Club – Haunted by at least two ghosts. One of the ghosts is reported to be the ghost of the farmer that used to live on the current golf club grounds and is actually buried on the first hole. He will watch the clubhouse from various locations on the course as the employees lock up at night wearing a hat and overalls. The second ghost is of one of the Golf Club founders. He has been spotted sitting at the bar and peering in windows as, again, employees lock up at night. Televisions have turned on by themselves long after they have been turned off and the air conditioner dial will mysteriously turn itself down past 50 degrees without anyone touching it.

Moorhead – Moorhead High school – it is believed to be the most haunted place in Moorhead Minnesota. Some say you can still hear and see the spirit of a young girl and boy who were killed outside the school on prom night as an oncoming semi truck hit them head on. you can see them dancing in their prom attire at night.

Moorhead – Moorhead High school – auditorium – A lady died of a heart attack and things like last year power went out and the sound of curtains shutting came from the ceiling and a bolt fell.

Moorhead – Moorhead State University – Weld Hall – Weld Hall is the theater building on the collage. Many years back a worker at the theater fell down the winding metal staircase, in the back of the stage, he broke both of his legs and neck. His ghost has been seen dancing on the stage, without his legs.

Mt. Iron – Haunted Tree – somewhere off of Highway 7 there is a tree where a man had hung his two daughters and then hung himself. It has been reported that late at night the branches will be pushed down and shoot up and shake like something had fallen off of them. – October 2007 Update: They tore the haunted tree down because too many people were trespassing on the site.

New London – Old Depot House – Ey Witzke haunts this old railroad depot.

New York Mills – New York Mills Regional Cultural Center – Used to be an old general store. In the basement of the cultural center is where the store keeper went crazy and killed all of his family including himself. The man and his family are still seen as they where on that grizzly night.

Northfield – St. Olaf College – Hilleboe Hall – is said to have had a variety of ghostlike experiences. One is that when there was only one student in the entire dorm during the summer, she heard childlike singing and the piano playing and after going to investigate she found all of the sinks turned in all of the rooms on her corridor. It is also said that mysterious child-sized handprints appear on the outside of third floor windows.

Northfield – St. Olaf College – Kelsey Theater – is said the ghost of Miss Kelsey herself has been seen playing the piano onstage long after her death and has been heard warning an actor who was rehearsing alone late at night that he was about to fall into the orchestra pit.

Northfield – St. Olaf College – Melby Hall – the oldest on campus, it said that a man and a woman in period clothing from the Victorian era have been seen in halls and rooms as well as the stairway.

Northfield – St. Olaf College – Thorson Hall – there have been sightings of the “Red Hat Boy” believed to possibly be the ghost of a student who died, not on campus, but while he attended St. Olaf and lived in that dorm. What is believed to be the boy’s dog has also been seen with him and roaming around campus by itself. He also appears in a certain room, one that is assumed was his.

Oakland Park – The Old Insane Asylum – On many instances there have been wheelchairs moving from one end of the hall to another and you could see imprints of people that resided there and no one in the building. Many people have gone into this empty building and came out with sever mental disorders. The building is no longer standing but you can still see people that used to live there. – This was listed as “Thief River Falls – The Old Insane Asylum”- There never was an insane asylum in Thief River Falls. However, a resident of the town for many years, knows the building that is being referred to. It was formerly located in Oakland Park, the three-story brick building built in the late 1800s was a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients. It served that purpose until TB was eradicated in the 1950s. After that, the building was used as a nursing home until a new nursing home was built on the property in the late 70s early 80s. In the mid-1980s the building housed a dormitory for the local community college. The students that lived there were a little upset when the college failed to mention that the “dorm” was about six miles away from the college. Needless to say, the building was only used for a few years as a dorm. It stood empty from that time and was used for storage for the nursing home. It was torn down a few years ago. There is some interesting features on the building and its history. A tunnel was constructed that lead from the basement kitchen to the nurses’ quarters (a separate building on the premises) so that the staff could travel between the buildings without having to go outside in the winter.

Owatonna – Kaplan’s woods – There are many unrested spirits there.

Owatonna – West Hills – Ghosts of orphaned children haunt what used to be an orphanage.

Pipestone – Pipestone County Museum – The Pipestone County museum is formerly the old city hall. A little blonde girl has been seen there by several people. She is dressed in a blue 19th century dress with a white apron. Often, loud sounds are heard upstairs when no one is there (footsteps, stomping…) The old doctor’s office is located off the library upstairs. Several employees and guests have heard the long since dead doctor “working” in the office when no one is actually in there. The chair squeaks, papers shuffle.

Pipestone – Pipestone National Monument – Unexplainable footsteps, war drums, shadows of what appear to be humans. Also there have at times been heard voices.

Plato – Glencoe – Ferguson’s Cemetery – The cemetery is out in the middle of now where along side a county blacktop surrounded by corn fields. Supposedly haunted by a little boy. The small grave stone for him is separate from the rest of the cemetery. It sits in the southwest corner all by itself. Cemetery is framed by large pines and large iron gate at the front of the cemetery there is a small dirt field road on the west side that runs along the length of the cemetery and ends next the boys grave. In the center of the cemetery is a large tree or trees growing out one base. At night after 12 am if you count the trees at the center of the cemetery and if you go to the boy’s grave and come back the number of trees has changed. Most of the time it’s thirteen but sometimes as few as six. It also feels as though someone is watching you and that your not welcome there. Some reported to have seen dogs by the boys grave as you are backing out with car.

Plymouth – Holy Name Cemetery – Holy Name Cemetery is located on the corner of Holy Name Drive and a couty road. It’s across the street from a brick church. Reports of misty headlights pull in and vanish before your eyes. Witnesses have heard voices, footsteps, when it was horribly windy while calm outside the cemetery, and have seen a white apparition.

Randall – Little Falls – Darling Church – Early after being built it is said that two African American men kidnapped and murdered a woman in the church.  Being that murders were placed on the shoulders of Africans in that time it is no surprise that it was in this case either.  It was rainy that night and a nearby farmer was said to be out in the yard getting something out of the rain and heard the scream of a woman.  To him it sounded from the church, but because of the weather he didn’t pursue what he had heard.  He figured he had heard the wind.  The next day the woman was found dead in the church (cause of death unknown).  Two African fellows were traveling through at the time and the death was placed on them.  They got out of there as soon as they could being either they did kill the woman or they knew they would get the blame.  The farmer never forgave himself for not going to the church that night.*  Few people have said that they had seen a figure of the woman roaming around the graveyard behind the church and the church itself at night.  They also said that further away from the church they heard a woman scream coming from the church.  The ghost is seemingly harmless.

Redby – Behind the Westbrook Stare – In the summer after raining if you look north towards the sawmill a man should be walking from there carrying a bundle of tools in his right arm. Then by the time he gets close he’ll disappear.

Redford Township – Redford Hospital – The Redford Hospital is abandoned but the spirits still live there. There is many reports of the people that maintain the building that there is 5 to 10 ghosts in the building. One in specifically is a little boy who died in the Hospital because his mother abused him and then left him at the Hospital to die. People see the little boy usually on the 2nd floor. Some say he is still trying to find his Mother for revenge.

Renville – Vicksburg Cemetery – One of the grave stones glows, in the spring for a short time the flowers that grow there bleed.

Richfield – Adam’s Hill – Use to be farmland, and the farmer hung himself on the tree at the bottom of the hill. Rumors of the ghost still lurking around.

Richfield – The Academy of Holy Angels – It is said that on the third floor in room 394 there is a ghost a janitor that hung himself there years ago still lurks in the room at night and once in a while during school hours. – September 2004 Correction: A former student has informed us the above information is incorrect. in the late 70’s, there was a student that hung himself in the janitor room… next to the bell tower. To this day, there are still aparitions appearing… And haunting footsteps

Richfield – The Academy of Holy Angels – Theater – There have been sightings of spirits in the theatre. The upper balcony is where there has been spiritual activity spotted. It is said that whom ever it is, sits there and watches the plays and has been spotted on many occasions….

Rochester – Kahler Hotel – It has been rumored that there has been numerous complaints and unusual encounters. The reason for that is many Mayo Clinic patients occupied in that hotel and have past away. One witness encountered an odd stench in the room, frequent temperature changes, and eerie sounds at night.

Rochester – Quarry Hill Park – Many strange things have happened here. There is a wooden bridge near the quarry itself called “dead man’s bridge”, where it is rumored a man hung himself in the 60’s. There is also a small cemetery in the park. There is a large memorial to a group of people who died from an epidemic around 100 years ago, and there are rumored to be four unmarked graves. There are also several caves in the park, with strange goings-on reported. Unfortunately, some (not all) of these caves have been closed up.

Sauk Center – Palmer House – This hotel was built in 1901 on top of another hotel that had burned down in 1900. There are rumors of a small boy bouncing a ball down one of the hallways late at night

Shakopee – Howard’s Edition Cemetery – Not far from the local racetrack lies the site of one of the first farms that lead to the eventual settlement of Shakopee.  Located at the top of a hill is a housing development now known as Howard’s edition.  Nestled among the modern homes is the cities oldest cemetery and it contains graves that go back to the original families that settled the town.  The cemetery is quaint and is surrounded by a picket fence. Neighboring houses would have cupboards rifled through and find muddy footprints going through their homes, from no apparent source!  Reports of cars stalling in front of the cemetery, and seeing a boy dressed in 1800s clothing peering at them from behind a tree.

Sherack – Highways around town of Sherack – A man is seen hitchhiking during on dark, stormy, rainy nights. Many people report picking up the hitchhiker and later turning to him in the car only to find he’s not there.

Shoreview – St. Odilia – in one of the classrooms there is a light that flickers. Every time it flickers, someone gets hurt. Once the light flickered and a student fell out of his middle school desk, and broke his arm.  Once the light flickered and a boy got his head stuck in between a playground toy. Paramedics had to rescue him. Once the light flickered and a boy had a seizure in church. Now if you come to St. Odilia you have to be extra careful for flickering lights.

St. Anthony – Dairy Queen – Too many things to fit in this description. Receipts of fake orders would print for no reasons. Hear little kids laughing on numerous occasions after being closed. Items were disappearing. Cold spots everywhere. Names of employees yelled during store hours. Stuff would crash off the shelves in the cooler. These events would happen for a period of a month and then nothing. It was like a cycle through out the years of things that are unexplainable.

St. Cloud – Riverview – There is also a lady ghost in Riverview, the second oldest building on campus. Long after everyone else is gone and only the janitors remain, there are reports of hearing a lady walk around with high heel clicking sounds. She’ll also move chairs and open doors. Riverview used to be where the students of SCSU would go to teach the children and there is also a ghost child that roams around, bouncing a ball.

St. Cloud – St. Cloud Times – For years it’s been reported by night employees that a man who is either dressed in a white shirt and bow tie or a printer’s shirt appears in the basement of the building. Sometimes the sound of banjo playing is heard. He’s been known to tamper with office equipment and lights from time to time.

St. Cloud – St. Cloud State University – James W. Miller Learning Resources Center – The new library was built over an unmarked graveyard. Children bones and adult bones were found and later studied by students and staff. The most common ghost is a solider dressed in his time period’s uniform, walking through the hallways.

St. Cloud – St. Cloud State University – Lawrence Hall – is the oldest building on the campus of St. Cloud State University. It was built in 1904. In 1950 a janitor in the building murdered two teachers who had offices in the building. It was abandoned in 1968 for “unknown reasons”. Today students have reported seeing a figure of a bald headed man standing in the doorways of the building. Some see lights flash on and off from outside!

St. Cloud – St. Cloud State University – Shoemaker Hall – In the early 1900’s a student at the St. Cloud Normal School had an affair with a janitor at Shoemaker Hall, which was the dormitory for the students. She became pregnant and hung herself in the meat locker of the kitchen(now the basement). Shoemaker is still a dorm, and many students report objects being moved, clocks flashing impossible numbers, lights and TVs turning on for no reason, and an apparition of a woman floating above beds late at night.

St. Cloud – Skatin’ Place – Legend says that the skating rink was built over an old pond where a boy had drown. Lots of unusual things happening in the building have been reported.

St. Cloud – North Shoemaker Hall – North Shoemaker Hall was built in the early part of the twentieth century. Legend states that one of the lunch ladies hanged herself in the basement meat locker. Many of the resident advisors have reported hearing strange things in the meat locker. They even say that the door will unlock by itself after employees had locked it.

St. James – The Farm – You sit down stairs and hear guns cocking upstairs, the lights will go on by them selves, the radios and TVs will go on and be turned as loud as they can go. There has been seen of a woman walking down the hall and standing at the edge of the bed covered in blood. The dogs wouldn’t go into the grove ever they would stand on the outside of it and howl. There is a light that can be seen coming towards the farm from the field and all of a sudden, just as fast as it would appear, it would be gone.

St. Joseph – Benedicta Arts Center at College of St. Benedict’s. – A guy fell from the loft while it was being built, and died. People see a tall, shadowy figure walking around.

St. Joseph – Benton High School – In Benton’s auditorium figures have been seen and strange noises have been heard during rehearsals. Sometimes all of the lights in the house will go on and off at times for no reason, and unlocked doors will lock.

St. Joseph – College of St. Benedict – Benedicta Arts Center – The ghost who died during the construction of the building is named Steve. He has been know to shatter lights during performances and people have run into something solid when there’s nothing there.

St. Louis Park – Aizman House – Orbs have been sighted on several occasions in the living room and basement after 10:30. Halloween trick-or-treaters have ran out after having a tour of the basement, and it’s “friends”. The orbs and apparition of a man with only eyes and a mouth, dressed in a gray sweater with his white collar showing and blue jeans, are believed to be victims of “kid can” and his gang.

St. Paul – Bluff park right off highway 52 – There has been screaming of a man that killed himself down there if you spend a night down there you can hear him yell that he is going to kill himself.

St. Paul – College of St. Catherine – St. Mary’s Hall – 2nd Floor – there is a lady in gray that appears in the doorways of different dorms watching over students. There are also reports of people feeling cold fingers on the back of their necks and being tapped awake right before their alarm goes off. Other times, there is the sound of a lady rushing down certain dorm hallways. Although these things happen, none are threatening.

St. Paul – College of Visual Arts – many instances happen especially the darkroom. The spirit playfully moves objects around and changes the time on the timer. It is said that a wealthy man (carpenter whose studio was in the darkroom) lived there and was cheating on his wife with the maid. after refusing to leave his wife the maid hung herself on the main stairwell banister. The late night janitors experience sounds and lights on/off nightly and hear children. One employee saw the man in his flannel.

St. Paul – Forepaugh’s Restaurant – Forepaugh’s Restaurant is located in an old Victorian mansion named after the mansions’ original owner, Joseph Forepaugh. Mr. Forepaugh was into the dry good’s business, so when his fortune was made, he bought this beautiful mansion. He also decided to hire himself some servants to accompany his new found wealth. Well, Mr. Forepaugh became rather fond of one of his servants in particular. Her name was Molly, and the two of them soon began to have a steamy love affair together. However, things got rather ugly after Mrs. Forepaugh caught the two together in the midst of their lovemaking. She insisted Mr. Forepaugh break off the affair, and so he did. This did not settle well with Molly, who was now pregnant with Mr. Forepaugh’s child. She became so distraught over the situation that she went to the third floor, tied a noose around herself and a light fixture, then threw herself out of the window. Mr. Forepaugh was so devastated over her death that he went into a deep depression and eventually shot himself at the nearby railroad tracks. It is said that Mr. Forepaugh and Molly now haunt the mansion. People have claimed to see Molly near the area where she hanged herself. Mr. Forepaugh, on the other hand, has been seen by employees and customers in the dining room area. They say that a nice looking guy just walks through the dining room as if he owns the place.

St. Paul – Hamline University – The music hall upstairs in the “Old Main” building has a portrait of the man the hall was named for. At night he gets out of the painting and wanders the hall, sometimes playing the piano.

St. Paul – Lilydale Caves & Wabasha Street Caves – March 2008 Update: Have been removed. It is not encouraged for anyone to go into the Lilydale Caves or the lesser known ACTUAL Wabasha Caves. See attached links to understand. It’s bad to encourage anyone else to go here – especially without knowing the dangers could be fatal. This place is extremely dangerous. Please refer to the 2 links listed for proof of any danger at lest 3 teenagers have died from carbon monoxide poisoning – This is very important. There is an embedded video attached to this last article. Watch it. – Anyone going into these caves are very foolish. No trespassing. Signs are posted everywhere.

St. Paul – Lillydale Park – Sightings of white figures. Lots of Paranormal activities such as children screaming. It’s a place where many suicides, murders, and rapes took place. Get’s pretty windy around the Caves.

St. Paul – Marian Center (Old Mounds Park Hospital) – The Marian Center in St. Paul is a nursing home located in what was once the old Mounds Park Hospital. It was closed as a hospital sometime in the 70’s and reopened as a nursing home in the late 80’s/early 90’s. The story is that an off duty policeman who was working as a security guard was shot and killed as he was getting off the elevator in the basement, which is where the morgue was located. There are four elevators in the building, but if you get on that particular elevator, no matter what direction it is going or what floor you push, it will go straight to the basement, open, and then close again before going to where it’s directed. The employee break room is in the basement but is rarely used, as you have to walk past the old morgue to get to it and there are strange noises there at night. There was also a tunnel from the basement leading to the old nurse’s dormitory, which was once used for storage. The maintenance men disliked using it because they reported hearing strange noise and lights flickering off and on. The property sits across the street from a group of Indian burial mounds.

St. Paul – Marie Schmidt-Bremer Mansion – Cold spots, an apparition of a woman with brown hair and wearing a long white dress, and the sound of someone climbing the stairs when there is no one around. – March 2008 update/ additional information: The Mansion which is located across from the Schmidt Brewery which Marie’s father, Jacob, started. Her husband Adolph Bremer took over the brewery after Jacob’s death. Still researching the haunting aspect – but the location is currently a halfway house for men in recovery.

St. Paul – Minnesota State Capitol -Funny noises come from the second floor and unusual cold air has been felt in the state capitol. There have also been reports of people being locked in room 217. Some say that room 217 was once a judge’s office.

St. Paul – The Noose Bar – The building that now houses The Noose Bar (which is over one hundred years old) was the location of a suicide by hanging (hence the name of the bar) on the East side of St. Paul on East 7th Street (formerly Michael’s Bar). There have been many occurrences at this location, such as doors being held open, neon signs starting to swing and fall off walls with no one near the sign, but witnessed by people sitting at the bar. Go check it out for yourself.

St. Paul – Oakland Cemetery – A woman haunts the cemetery and has appeared to many people that have frequented the cemetery over the years. She is a woman in her mid twenties with shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, Caucasian, approx 5’5″ to 5’7″ in height wearing a long white lacey style dress from about the turn of the century.

St. Paul – Paddelford Packet Boat Company-Jonathan Paddelford – An engine room worker decided to cool off and take a dip in the Mississippi. He climbed the stairs to the top deck and even continued on up to the roof of the pilothouse where he planned to dive into the river. Instead, he slipped and fell off the pilothouse, hit a guardrail, and fell into the river. Hitting the guardrail on the way down paralyzed him and he drown in the river, unable to swim for the surface. Footsteps are heard going up the staircase and up to the roof of the pilothouse. Then a splash in heard. But no one is there.

St. Paul – Revenue bldg. former location at 10 River Park Plaza – Ghostly figures have been seen walking through the aisles or sitting at unoccupied data entry terminals. Tax return batches regularly flew off of the shelves and when investigated, they always had multiple returns of deceased people in the batches. Early morning noises could be heard of lockers being opened and closed. The cause was never found. We were told an electrician died while the building was being constructed.

St. Paul – St. Paul City Hall – Every fall the local media does stories on the sightings and hauntings. Reports that they seen people in 1920’s dress walking into the walls. Sounds and voices at night and once when St. Paul Canines were called to investigate the dogs refused to enter the building past the lobby.

St. Paul – St. Paul Hotel – A ghost of a bellboy still tries to make the guest comfortable.

St. Paul – The State Capitol – It has been said that late at night Capitol employees have sited old senators and governors from the 1800s pacing the hallways and walking up and down staircases.

St. Paul – State Office Building on State Capitol Campus – A man is said to haunt the third on floor. A janitor claimed to see him one night while working late. The ghost is believed to be the spirit of James Rice, who died in the office in the fall of 1996.

St. Paul Park – Grey Cloud Island – Unimproved roads surrounding – There are two interesting haunted locations in this area.  The first is a small cemetery located about 150 yards off the main highway.  On moonlit nights, an indistinct figure can be seen leaning against a gatepost smoking a cigarette.  Another figure that can be seen is a translucent motorcyclist riding silently past late night walkers and drivers.

St. Peter – The State Hospital – Most of the area around and in the state hospital has some form of haunting or another (the older buildings, the old grave yard, the underground tunnels & certain areas of the grounds) by former mistreated residence of the establishment or staff who met an untimely death there.

Stillwater – Lumber Barons (hotel/restaurant)- A Confederate military man passed away in a drunken stupor on the second floor S.W. suite. His curious sweat odor is heavy in the air.

Stillwater – Overlook Inn – The spirits of the pervious owners seem to haunt the many hallways of this old Inn.

Taunton – Taunton Cemetery – seen a 12 year old girl sitting in the rocking chair rocking it back and forth next to her grave.

Taylor Falls – The Old Jail Inn – There is a ghostly image of a little boy on the 2nd floor & third floor of the Inn on occasions, and a ghostly image of a woman on the third floor on occasion. There are two buildings involved. The Southern Building is the oldest jail in Minnesota, made with true 2″ x 4″ boards stacked flat instead of stud walls of today, has original outside wrought iron bar doors & windows (early 1900’s it was turned into living quarters for guest). The Northern Building is the Main Inn with three floors.  The first floor (Addressed as “The Tunnel”) was a funeral home when first opened in the early 1800’s. Then the first floor was turned into a haberdashery, and later during the Bootleg Era, the back room opened up to a tunnel that went through a hill to the old trail for distribution (part of the tunnel is used inside, and another section can be seen in the side of the hill to this day).  The second floor used to be the living quarters and was used to prepare bodies for the funeral home in the early 1800’s (old photos show a sliding door on the North Side where bodies were brought in for preparation, renovation with window is now in that location, but the original wood floor unloading area is still there today – different from the rest of the wood floor on the second floor), later 1800’s to be turned into living quarters for guests. The third floor was an old stable added on the second floor in the late 1800’s and renovated for guest living quarters.

Thief River Falls – Dead Man’s Trail – Dead Man’s Trail is an old Indian trail that runs along the river. It’s been told that Indians have been seen along the trail, chilly breezes from out of nowhere, and people have mysteriously died years back on that trail. I’ve heard there is an old cave that had to be closed up and hidden in rocks for reasons unknown. Trails that were used by Indians many years ago can still be seen going across the river, which was much lower back then. When you walk along this trail, you can’t help but notice the dead silence.

Two Harbors – Black Woods Bar and Grill – This location was an orphanage in the early 1900s. Legend is that a young orphan girl living there died when she fell down the staircase in the orphanage; that staircase remains in the restaurant today. Staff at the location report frequent occurrences of ghostly phenomena, including voices that don’t belong to anyone, dishes falling off counters, and things in the storage room that move themselves from one side of the room to the other.

Vergus – Vergus Trails – it is believed that there are many spirits that hunt people who go through there. Many have died by hitting a tree. There is also a cemetery there where the headstones glow and there are candles there but the flame does not touch the wick.

Warroad – the Wendigo – many people claim to have seen a figure walking along the tree line on the 2 lane highway a night. The figure seems to be wearing a white cloth or robe. It is said that when you see the Wendigo that someone you know will die unexpectedly.

Washington – Oakdale – Carmike Cinemas Oakdale 20 – Many strange sightings have been seen in the projection booth. Workers have reported sightings of two ghosts. One is a young woman with blonde hair that smells of a perfume. A second ghost, named by workers Red Lapels, is said to be a well-dressed man with a red head. Their voices are often heard and the two ghosts are also associated with projector and film problems.

Waverly – Hannah’s grave – Hannah’s grave is a place aut in the country where a little girl got killed by being hung on a windmill. if you drive by your car will die, your headlights will go on or off during the night, radio stations don’t come in and cell phones don’t get service. it could be the calmest night and the windmill would be spinning wildly or the windiest and it wouldn’t be moving at all. it also spins the opposite way of the wind.

Waseca – Shuckes – This is the farm that lived a family that was murdered. There was a family of three children. You can see them running through the fields and the girls can be seen running down the road. You can’t always drive out of the drive with your tires all full until you hit the main road.

White Bear Lake – Central Middle School – Students say they have seen a girl ghost walking in and out of the girls bathroom stall. And when you turn on the girl’s bathroom sinks you here a girl screaming.

White Bear Lake – White Bear Lake High School South Campus – The three apparitions are often seen on the field throwing the football around after games. They are also accredited with many high school pranks that go on at the school. They are friendly spirits, not really causing any harm, just pulling pranks that any high school kid would attempt.

White Bear Lake – Willow Lane Elementary – There are two hauntings at this school one is two boys have spotted a figure in black running along the side woods of there schools swamp and as this was happening a little girl was screaming. Another incident that happened a boy that went to this school was murdered and on the last day of school a group of kids flashed there cameras in the bathroom because the lights were out and a figure of a little boy was standing there..

Willmar – Sibley State Park – Timberlake Road – women’s children were killed in her house many years ago while she was gone. She came back to discover that they were all dead. She then hung her self. She haunts Timberlake Road looking for the killer. Her house was strangely burnt down a couple years ago. There’s been many sightings red eyes in the forest, screams, dogs barking and the barking getting closer and closer to you, moans from the women, and strange shadows. In the winter there are many piles of dead rats. There is a cemetery on the same road where she was said to be buried. Children have been seen in the cemetery. Many people in Willmar and new London / Spicer know the stories and have seen it for themselves.

Winsted – Hannah’s Grave – The story says that a woman named Hannah went crazy and killed her entire family. Afterward she felt so bad about it that she hung herself from a windmill. There were three windmills at her house and she hung herself from the middle one. Now whenever the wind is blowing the windmill in the middle blows the opposite way.

Winona – St. Mary’s College – Heffron Hall – Bishop Heffron was killed by Father Lesches back in 1915. Heffron Hall was built in honor of Bishop Heffron. To this day, it is said to be haunted by Father Lesches. He has been seen several times on the 3rd and4th Floors.

Winona – W-K school – All of W-K is haunted, but the most haunted places is one of the forth grade classrooms. In this particular classroom a bunch of weird thing happen like, things get moved when no one was there, weird noises in the vents, and things fall when no one touches them. The students that went there before are happy to get away from the ghost of W-K.

Winona – Winona State College – Lourdes Hall – 3rd floor – Every one knows about the ghost on the 4th floor at Lourdes but the third floor is also haunted. People have had things taken off the wall, pictures knocked over and turned around, and posters moved from their hanging position and moved to the other side of the room on the floor. Doors will close and lock by themselves and you can hear people in the halls when no one is there

Winona – Winona State College – Lourdes Hall – 4th floor- The fourth floor used to be an infirmary for the nuns that lived there. Many people died up here and you can still hear many of them walking, crying, or just trying to talk to you. It is rather chilling, especially if you have lived there!!!!

Winona – Winona State College – Richards Hall – a room is haunted by the ghost of a student who hung himself in his closet in 1978. He is often seen brushing past residents of the room, or walking around in the middle of the night.

Winona – YMCA – Everyone that has been inside of the YMCA at night agrees that it is haunted! Everyone says that it is haunted by an old janitor that loved his job and cared about everyone there. If you are inside the YMCA at night and you be very quite, sometimes you can here doors opening and a garbage can squeaking through the halls when no one else is there.

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The Truth Behind Ghosts and Psychic Abilities

February 12, 2009 at 5:00 am (Ghost) (, , )

For centuries people have sought to have psychic abilities proven, yet the answer has seemed illusive. People such as Chris Angel and David Blaine leave people breathless in wonderment, yet still the final answer has escaped validation. At the same time you have skeptics who feel that the abilities of a psychic are nothing more then a collection of generalizations that everyone can relate to. Is psychic ability real and will it ever be accepted?

Since the age old question has yet to be proven scientifically, the psychic field has been rattled with frauds, wannabes, and outright whackadoos. These people prey upon the grief, uncertainties, and unstable time’s people fall upon and tell them what they want to hear so they can fill their bank accounts with their client’s money. In essence the situation involves one individual paying another to tell them what they want to hear.

Other then frauds, there are many actual psychics that are in mental institutions and many who are just plain psychotic who claim to be psychic. Some people actually hear voices from beyond and pay to be institutionalized for doing so, whereas some hear voices because of mental disorders and charge you to listen. Yet where is the real answer, especially when an individual has a lady across the table claiming Sally said “Hi” when the original questions was “Can you pass the syrup?”, and a psychic hotline can only tell one more about their future if they press “#” followed by their pin number?

Numerous respectable psychics seek the answers to respectability among the muck of undesirables and frauds. The true psychic does not sit around with a crystal ball or a deck of tarot cards in hand. In fact, one will most likely not find them dressed in brightly colored frocks with a turban on their heads nor with a third eye painted between their brows. Think about it, just because a person tames lions, does not necessarily mean they are going to walk down the street with one. Instead they dress in usual attire, speak on grounded terms, and hail from every walk in life.

YouTube has a video from an NAS Museum where psychic Rhiannon Waits reads energy from a vintage Japanese Zero that is being prepared for restoration. Naval Administration are the only ones that have the ability to research where this particular aircraft was and have records to where each part was located before its arrival to the hangar. Rhiannon tells the planes history and information of the pilot that navigated it to the director of its restoration. She explains that she reads energy from the aircraft, thus revealing its history. A quick search for Rhiannon Waits in YouTube search box will allow you to view this short clip. (Reference (1):

Numerous television shows have become popular as they seek out haunted houses or explore paranormal activity. However, despite the popularity of such broadcasts, there are many individuals who appear to hesitate when it comes to admitting belief of existence in paranormal phenomena. It seems as if the average person finds safety and shelter behind the conclusions of a television critic.

One show in particular, which seems to escape the flakiness and the shroud of hysterical Ghost hunters, is aired on the Sci-Fi Channel. Ghost Hunter has now been aired for several years now and features TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society). What is significant about this show is that it is filmed as they investigate certain places to either validate or disprove paranormal activity. With the use of scientific equipment, the reports submitted by those experiencing the activity, and several investigators, they collect all data possible and then submit their findings. Viewers can rest assured that they will not find this team screaming in fear or running from the findings. The unbiased team will analyze their findings and complete a report stating whether a location is considered to have a significant amount of paranormal activity or not, and why that conclusion is so. For example, one may say their house is haunted based on the idea that they always hear foot steps at night. Yet, a closer look can reveal that due to changing climates and wooden floors, the sounds are simply coming from the wood adapting to the changing temperatures outside and within the house. In spite of their professionalism, Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes are still attacked by skeptics and criticism from those devoted disbelievers. (Reference (2):

Who are these attacking critics and why is it that they become so vicious in their attacks? There are many reasons for this. Some hail from Christianity, where they point to a few passages in the bible where they refer to the paranormal and those who believe and go in search of it in are to be dammed and are headed for a damning light. However, this appears to contradict itself as many Christians cast this aside as they read more than a few passages that refer to prophets, spirits and miracles. To cast the entire skeptic community on Christianity would be erroneous. Yet, perhaps their religious upbringing has many in fear of damnation for believing what they were taught was wrong.

Numerous skeptics come from atheist backgrounds. Their inability to believe in what they cannot see shrouds their judgments. If they were to believe in the afterlife and the ability to see beyond it, then logically, their belief system might be in jeopardy. This fight then becomes one of self preservation because it is the basis of their life structure.

In contrast, if one recalls ancient times where individuals believed in the afterlife. The ancient Egyptians would fill their tombs with possessions that they believed would go with them into an afterlife. Likewise, the ancient Greeks longed for the day they died, where in the afterlife they would be able to enjoy a huge banquet for eternity. Let us not forget all of those who believed the world was flat and Christopher Columbus was crazy, when he decided to prove one would not sail off the face of the earth. One can argue that ancient times are primitive eras, yet theoretically, the society we live in today will someday be considered primitive.

Overall, most of the time I find that some will simply say, “It isn’t real,” yet when I ask why, I get a response such as “because it isn’t,” “Its just fake,” so on an so forth. Therefore, one can conclude that when it comes to the paranormal, it is not a matter of whether or not something exists, yet it comes down to having an open mind and being able to evaluate situations in terms of being “inside and/or outside the box”.

No matter where the skeptics come from or what their purpose, they all agree on one area. They will seek out the frauds, the imaginative, the mentally ill and any mistake or fallible act to use as creditability and validation for their point of view. Where skepticism is good to a certain point for us all – blind obsessive compulsive skepticism is good for no one. It proves nothing. Keeping an open mind and being able to think on a deeper level will allow one to experience more, which then, expands one’s knowledge and overall horizon intelligence.

So do psychic abilities and the afterlife exist? This will be for the individual to decide. It should have enough doubt to keep it real and yet enough belief to embrace the possibilities.

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List of Haunted Places in New Jersey

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Absecon – Pitney House – Late at night, as the only visitors when staying in a private cottage of this B&B, a soft song could be heard playing on a fife (a flute like instrument).  No one else was on this property that night, not even the owner or caretaker.

Atco – Multiplex – Strange noise can be heard in theater 12 as if someone is moving their hands across the wall and voice can be heard.

Allamuchy – Shades of Death – is the actual name of a road located in, New Jersey. It is said that if you drive down there late at night, and you enter into a patch of fog on the road, it will follow you and you will find footprints on your car…human footprints.

Allamuchy – Ghost Lake –
Ghost Lake is located on Shades of Death Road in Allamuchy Township the local legends vary – but the prevailing theme is that there was an Indian Graveyard there and settlers built a man made lake over the graveyard. At night the Indians haunt the area – even we (locals) stay away. Plus there are MANY bear families there so be careful.

Alpine – Devil’s Tower – It is said to be, that a long time ago, during the 1900’s though, a man was building a “tower” tall enough so that his wife could see the New York Skyline. While it was being built, the wife went up to the top floor, as she came down, she saw her husband with another woman! She ran back up to the top, and jumped out. There is a myth, if you circle the tower, 8 times or something, something is supposed to happen. Nobody has been able to complete it.

Ancora – Veterans haven – Veterans haven is right next to bayside prison ward and Ancora mental institution. It was once a town the psychiatric hospital made for patients to all live together, many of the patients murdered each other, and the most of them are old veterans from the war. Eventually, so many killings took place they just shut the whole town down. It has a lot of paranormal activity and the streetlights are still left on through out the little deserted ghost town.

Atlantic City – Taj Mahal – it is said that man jumped from the tenth floor of the garage and haunts that area every night around midnight

Bay Head – The Greenville Hotel/Restaurant –
Over the years many employees have experienced many things from ghosts physically appearing (looking very much like a live person) and walking down the hall and disappearing, to the sounds of children playing in the lobby late at night. One employee even reported falling asleep on the couch in the lobby and awaking to the sounds of kids playing in front of them. He saw glimpses of them as well. There are sounds of moving furniture in unoccupied rooms, sounds of people walking down the hall but “no one is there”, the sense that someone is standing behind you, but “no one is there”. Guests report hearing children run down the halls laughing in the middle of the night, but there are never any live children doing that. In fact it is rare that children stay there.

Bayonne – Bayonne High School – The now auditorium of the high school used to be the Jr high section. It’s been said that a boy around 14 hung himself from the stairwell, also it’s been said he was pushed and broke his neck but anyway. If you go there just before school season begins you will see a boy opening the doors to the auditorium with school books in his hands. Also on many nights that the high school has put on plays there is a boy in the back of the room just watching.

Bayonne – Elco Naval Base – This was a World War Two Factory active to make P.T. Boats after the war a lot of people lost the jobs. During the war a boat fell off a conveyer belt and crushed 2 men. And now the little girl is seen some times looking for her father and her father is still yell for her. Over and over. Never to be seen again but forever heard!

Bayonne – Robbins Reef Yacht Club – The gentleman who haunts this location was said to have hung himself in an unstairs bedroom. If you enter the room in the dark, a cold icy feeling passes over your skin. In addition, bottles have been seen “jumping” off the ledges in the back of the bar, not breaking, and if replaced on the ledge, will again leave the spot to land on the floor.

Bayville – Admiral Farragoes – There is said to be screams coming from the old building every night around 12:00 am.

Bellmawr – Ethel M. Burke – In room 115 there is a room and a sign that says forbidden keep out  there is a legend and if you put your hands on the mirror in the second floor girls bathroom and count to ten the mirror will fog up.

Bergen County – Little Ferry – Old Protestant Church – The ghost of a man who was shot inside the church is seen peeking out the front doors late at night.

Bernardsville – Bernardsville Public Library – was The Parker home and has a strange history of sightings as well as a very mysterious historical past.

Bernardsville – Long Rd. – Devil’s Tree – Turn onto Long Rd, (which is really short) then make a left at the end, you will come upon a highly wooded area and then it just opens up into a field. At the end of the field there is a huge hideous looking tree with a branch that extends perfectly parallel to the ground. It is said that the tree was used to hang slaves on and still has a chilling aura to it. You can see marks on the trunk from people attempting to chop it down, they say whoever tries, something bad happens to and sometimes a pickup truck will try to chase you out. In the Summer that tree is in full bloom and actually quite lovely. In the Winter or Fall however, it is creepy looking. The axe marks on the tree are from years of kids hearing the legend of the tree and what would happen if you tried to cut it down. Supposedly if you try to cut it down the devil in a black pick up truck will come and chase you away, once you drive down the road a bit the truck just vanishes. It’s an Urban Legend that gets featured in Weird NJ magazine all the time. Please get permission before you visit this property, otherwise you are trespassing and could get arrested.

Blackwood – Jefferson Hall at Camden County College – This structure used to be a monastery before becoming a learning institution. It is said that a residing monk hanged himself on the third floor of this building. Security guards of the college have reported hearing footsteps thumping down the hall of the third floor. They often avoid interior patrol.

Boonton – Darress Theater – It was closed for many years and was finally bought and used for children’s theater (like Snow White, etc.) and they also show movies there at night, too. The people that are there late at night say they hear voices, footsteps and the chair seats move. There have also been reports of singing coming from the theater when everyone has gone home for the night.

Boonton – The Grave Yard on Green Street – It is said that if you go to the grave yard at exactly 12:00 you will see a grave stone glow.

Bordentown – Missionary –
Strange anomalies on film have been recorded.

Browns Mills – Mount Misery – Freezing cold spots. Mist. It’s all woods with dirt winding roads that never end. There’s a cross in the middle of nowhere. Witnesses report that there were cars behind them then they disappeared out of nowhere like they weren’t even there, sick feelings & apparitions of a woman. The cross is not in the middle of nowhere. It is part of the Green Cathedral. People get married and children are christened there. It is a place of worship for the staff & campers during the summer – as well as other guests throughout the year. There is an arch on the ball field with a cross on it. If you go down the steps there are benches to sit on an altar.

Browns Mills – Redfeather Trail – Supposedly there is a man that walks Redfeather Trail every night that sings a song and when you look at him he disappears into the night.

Burlington – Burlington County Prison – cell 5 on the 3rd floor is haunted by Joseph Clough who spent his last days chained in this cell.

Burlington – Doane Academy – St. Mary’s Hall – This school was founded in 1837 as a boarding school. Over the years students and staff have reported seeing balls of light float along most of the hallways, footsteps following them from the 3rd floor of Scarborough Hall, doors on that floor opening and closing on their own, and the lights in that hallway turning on and off on their own. In the Chapel people have reported seeing and hearing little children signing and feeling a weight pressing on their chest whenever they enter. A bathroom close to the Chapel has faucets that will turn themselves on and off occasionally.

Burlington County – Roebling – Roebling High School – at the outside basketball court, there is a ghost of a man that had played there nightly in the past. He had a heart attack & expired on the court. I have heard that his ghost can be seen actually playing basketball there.

Byram Twp. – The Colby Mansion – This is an old boarded up house on Tamarack Road in Byram. The house was built for a wealthy railroad millionaire in the late 1800s.The man shot his wife and cut off her head and put it on the fireplace mantle. He was then killed and both of their bodies are buried in the estates’ graveyard. Someone recently bought the property and built a new house somewhere on the land. The old mansion is still standing but the old guest cottage fell down many years ago. The property is heavily patrolled by police.

Camden – H. H. Davis Elementary School – Sites of seeing a male figure behind the auditorium curtains while your back there you can hear the sound of chains rattling it is also to been said that 3 people had died there when you are on the steps on the 3rd floor you may be pushed even near the basement there is a site of a young girl.

Cape May – Cape May County Historical Museum – the ghost of a man with a deep voice haunts this place.

Cape May – Christian Admiral Hotel – The Christian Admiral, which has been torn down and converted into B & B’s, Witnesses report being chased by ghosts. Apparitions of a women in white have been seen.

Cape May – Higbee’s Beach – At least 3 ghosts can be seen in the wildlife reserve and beach. Higbee appears whenever someone approaches his grave; he can be seen chasing the ghost of a slave down the wooded paths. A phantom sailor appears in his beige-colored “slops” atop a dune, and then disappears.

Cape May – Hotel Macomber – the mischievous ghost of an elderly woman is felt in Room 10. The elderly woman was frequent guest of the hotel and during her stays, she developed a close friendship to the previaus owner’s child, which is why the activity is strongest when children are present in the room. TV’s and lights turn on and off by themselves, objects have been moved around, and weird feelings and sounds have been experiences by people who have stayed in the room. A woman spirit occupies the kitchen area of the hotel. Legend has it that the ghost was a former kitchen employee of the hotel. She choked to death on food and is still felt in the hotel today, mainly in the walk-in storage room.

Cape May – Inn at 22 Jackson – friendly spirits named Minerva and Esmerelda watch over the guests here. The owners of the Inn claim that theses spirits are “haughty” and “prissy”.

Cape May – John F. Craig House Bed & Breakfast – Rooms 4 & 5 are inhabited by two spirits. Room 4 (a.k.a. Susan Craig Room) is haunted by the ghost of an unidentified red-headed girl. Room 5 (a.k.a. Lucy Johnson Room) is haunted by a sewing gh@st named Lucy Johnson, who reportly replaces missing buttons on clAthing of guests who stay in the room.

Cape May – The Sea Holly Inn – a young woman seems to make her presence known every so often and an elderly gentleman who climbed in bed with a Psychic!

Cape May – Spiaggi – (formerly known as Maureen’s & New International Cuisine) – this Italian restaurant harbors the ghost of a baby girl, who the owners have named Gloria. It is believed that either murder was involved or the baby girl died while in her crib. Most of the haunting activity occurs in the cupola and upper floors of this restaurant. Customers & employees have felt her presence and have heard the rustling of furniture in the upper floors. An old black-and-white photography taken about 1900, located near the entrance in the downstairs lounge, shows the ghostly image of the baby girl Gloria. What is shocking about this picture is that the baby appears to be trapped in an old column! The picture was enlarged and examined by expers and the owners and have determined that there’s no way a baby could stand in that position.

Cape May – The Southern Mansion – the ghost of a well-dressed woman wearing a strong-scenting perfume has been seen by many people. The ghost is believed to be Esther, the niece of Capt. George Allen who built the house in 1863. People have felt her presence, smelled her perfume, hear her laughing, and see her dancing throughout the house. The owner thinks that Esther is just a spirit who wants to party. On several occasions, many have heard the rustling of her petticoat drift down a hallway or into another room. There’s one particular room in the house that psychics have claimed bring a lot of tension in the house. The owner believes that someone died in this room.

Cape May – The Windward House – The ghost of a young Irish girl is occupying the 3rd floor “wicker” room.

Cape May – Washington Inn – An elderly woman’s voice is often heard here.

Cape May – Winterwood Gift Shoppe – 2 sisters haunt their former home as well as a white figure that roams the grounds near a grave on the grounds.

Cape May – World War II Bunker –
The magazine at Cape May point once housed guns to protect the coast from Nazi subs. A ghostly crew haunts this bunker. Soldiers have also been seen on the beach surrounding the bunker.

Cedarville – Newport – in the woods – There is a tree out in the woods of Back Rd. that is an old KKK tree. If you go out there and examine the tree you will see rope burn on one of the branches from where they used to hang people. Footsteps can be heard and if your back there for long enough for a split second you will see a young man being hanged.

Cedarville / Fairton – the old stone church – many strange thing have been reported here such as ghostly faces on head stones, organ music hear coming from the church late in the morning hours with no electrical sources going to the building. by rs2

Chester – Main Street – A farmhouse dating back to the mid-1800s, now refurbished and occupied by ClinCon Research. Haunted by young girl in a white dress. A 19-century farmer living in the house often saw the girl staring at him, and sometimes crying, through a window. His dog refused to go in the room where the girl most often appeared. Finally he locked his dog in the room, and the dog chewed and clawed his way almost all the way through the door to get out. The farmer once confronted the girl in a hallway, but when she turned towards him, she had no face. Recent incidents include unexplained movement of furniture. Many old buildings along Main St., including the Public House Inn, are haunted.

Cinnaminson – Lakeview Memorial Cemetery – reports of children’s ghost been seen and leaving footprints in the area that is all child graves. Ghostly anomalies have been observed at the tower also.

Cinnaminson – Maple Shade – S.Forklanding road near jug handle in – When crossing rt 73 from jug handle in late at night crossing the little medal bridge near winners farm a car follows you to the bridge then vanishes it only happens around 12 a clock on a cold night in the winter it happens both ways crossing the bridge.

Clinton – Red Mill – Built over 200 years ago, the Red Mill is now an historical museum. The mill is haunted by a young girl who was injured there. She is said to ring a large bell and play a typewriter. The historic mill is located on 56 Main Street, Clinton.

Columbus – The Columbus Inn – This is a very old restaurant in the center of a very small town. There have been numerous sightings throughout the years. They have even had paranormal investigators come in to investigate the series of sightings. A large piece was done on this restaurant on TV and in the newspapers several years ago. Inside the restaurant, one of the articles can be found behind the bar. One of the employees there even told us that there is a legend that the famous “Jersey Devil” was reported to have been born there.

Cranford – Gallows Hill Road – Located at the corner of Gallows Hill Road and Brookside Place was the huge tree from which spies were hung during the Revolution. The tree was cut down a few years ago, but the rusty iron and concrete post which the rope was tied to still stands. Movement around the area can be seen late at night, but only from a distance. Personal experience was what seemed to be tall bushes swaying in a nonexistent breeze. Closer inspection showed no bushes just a well manicured lawn and a really creepy feeling.

Delanco – Nelly’s Pond – Back in the days of the Revolutionary War, it is said that a messenger on horseback drowned in a small pond. His horse’s name was Nelly, thus the name Nelly’s Pond came about. Even though today most of the pond is dried up, it is believed that while wandering in the woods near the pond, you can still hear the drowning horse crying out.

Delran – Holy Cross High School – HCHS is said to be haunted by a former principle who had a heart attack late one night on the way up the steps in the northwest wing of the building. Teachers who work at the school late at night report hearing heavy footsteps going up the stairs and then stopping, rushes of cold air during the summer (the building is not air-conditioned) and doors opening and closing by themselves. HCHS has a lot of ground, and driving through there on a clear night, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a dense mist.

Dennisville – Henry Ludlam Inn – strange sounds and events occur here.

Denville – St. Claires Hospital – It is believed the spirit of an elderly gentleman is still lurking in the Peds section of the hospital. Several of the staff members claim to see the form of a human body behind the curtain that divides the beds and then it vanishes into the wall.

East Greenwich – Eglington Cemetery – is the oldest operating burial ground in the United States has been investigated by several paranormal groups and is reported to be very active with ghostly globes and lights.

East Greenwich – Lenape village – was located here with 2 signals hills and one of the largest trails going to Tuckerton (Koh hach ing trail) runs right through the center of the township. There is also a very active underground river and numerous spring fed ponds which according to the Dragon Project in England act as a psychic “battery” or “memory” for paranormal activity.

East Hanover – Nike Drive – Ominous noises about within the few delapidated buildings there, especially a blue painted house and the abandoned hospital behind the house. Rumors of many there abnormalities such as shadows and footstep noises. Shouts and cries from within the hospital.

East Rutherford – Herman St. – IT is said that there is an abandoned factory down the block. if you go in the parking lot and look threw the window a ghost is supposed to chase you out.

Edgewater – Old River Road – There have been sightings of the ghost of the Leni Lenapi Indians walking on the old river road… there is also an ancient burial ground on this road…it’s a preserved cemetery from the 1400’s of the old Leni Lenapi

Edison – Edison job corps academy – shadowy figures seen walking down darken halls in all four of the dorms figer have been know to attack female student in a sexual manner stranger unearthly smells have been experience in the Roseay Parkes dorm and the business tech class stranger creature have seen near the smell.

Edison – Old White Church on Woodbridge Ave – It is said that the cemetery is haunted by Mary Moore, a woman executed in the 1700’s accused of witchcraft. Many people have stolen her headstone and died shortly after. People have said they have seen her in the cemetery.

Edison – Wardlaw-Hartridge School – In the upper east wing of the school, students and teachers have heard constant banging in a patch of sealed lockers, and when opened the sound would suddenly stop only to start again when locked up again.

Elizabeth – Elizabeth General Medical Center in Elizabeth – The Newborn Nursery is haunted by a woman in white. A room in the Special Care Nursery is known for suddenly becoming cold and furniture and equipment is known to move by itself. A crying baby is sometimes heard in the third unused Nursery. A room in the postpartum ward is known for a rocking chair that rocks by itself and a toilet that flushes by itself. The hospital operator one night received a phone call from a patient room the voice on the other end requested that she send “help”—the room was in a closed down, unused ward and had no telephone.

Elizabeth – Roosevelt Middle School – On the third floor of Roosevelt middle school it is reported that the hallways and the boys bathroom is haunted by a boy around the age of 13 committed suicide because of both family and school problems. students have said that when they walk into the bathroom they feel a cold front of wind. Also staff that stay late have reported that they have seen the bathroom door open when they have already locked it. The little boy is said to haunt the hallways every January 12 which happened to be the day that he died.

Ewing – The Woods behind the Verizon building on parkway aveune – A boy vanished in these wood about 30 years ago, people say they can hear twings snapping and leaves rustling and once a sound of a boy crying

Flemington – Union Hotel – Slamming doors and spinning barstools are seen and heard after closing. Strange events occur without warning like one time, the heavy wooden front doors were locked. Some employees were sitting around the bar when the heavy wooden doors opened all of a sudden and a cold wind went right past them. When the employees locked the door again, they saw a pair of leather children shoes walking up the stairs. The restaurant is haunted by many unknown spirits.

Fort Dix – Garden Terence – A boy the age of around 15-16 walks around the area. You watch him walk away and he disappears into thin air. Can be seen every night walking around the teen-center at the end of Cedar St. at about 11:oo at night. Can be seen wearing a red hat with blonde hair and a blue jean jacket with jean pants.

Fort Dix – Garden Terrace – Teen Center – A boy the around the age of 15 walks down the street of the teen center at the end of cedar street every night. he can be seen wearing blue jeans, a jacket, and a red hat. when walking down the street he disappears into thin air.

Fort Dix – Haunted Hospital – Repeated sightings, noises, and furniture being thrown around on the top five floors of the hospital. It used to be a hospital for the victims of the war. In the basement of the hospital used to be the morgue. You can see the spirits that lives there and you can see from outside of the hospital the blinds are all up and that there is someone watching you.

Franklin – Headquarters of the Meadow Foundation -South Middlebush Road – The ghost of an elderly gentleman has been reported to walk through the house and look through the dining room windows. He is sometimes reported to have been wearing a Civil War uniform.

Franklin Lake – Gravity Hill – Route 208 Exit – The legend of Franklin Lakes’ Gravity Road claims that a young woman was killed at the bottom of the exit ramp. When you stop at the stop sign, a mysterious force pushes you backward up the hill again. This is supposedly the ghost of the woman pushing your car away from the dangerous intersection where she was struck down. Rumor has it that putting flour or baby powder on your front bumper before trying this will reveal the ghostly handprints of the girl after the event.

Franklin Township – VanWickle home –It is a beautiful home that sports a cemetery right on the entrance to the driveway. It has been rumored to be haunted and many documented sightings are on hand.

Franklineville – Iona Lake Inn – The Inn is so large, many ghosts visit the place. The old owner who first opened it…still runs the now empty Inn!- October 2003 Update: Iona Lake Inn was sold and was turned into a Italian Resturant it’s called Jake’s Italian Restaurant now….

Glassboro – Rowan University – Footsteps heard late at night in dorm rooms and strange, low whispers. Occasionally, objects move by themselves and lights flicker.

Glassboro – Rowan University – Bunce Hall – Bunce Hall (1st building constructed on campus) a ghostly lady haunts the upper floor and bell tower area.

Glassboro – Rowan University – Wilson Music Building – When the concert hall was build during the early 70s, a workman fell headfirst from the still unfinished catwalks. Every once in a while, theater works catch a glimpse of him during shows.

Glendora – Gabriel Davies Tavern – One of New Jersey’s oldest historical landmarks used to be a tavern during the Revolutionary war. The attic was used a hospital for wounded soldiers. The original furnishings are in the house and there is still bloodstains in the attic. On occasion it has been recorded the sighting of people walking in the upstairs and strangest sounds of people suffering.

Gloucester – National Park – Whital House Battle Field – it is noted of haunting from the revolution 1776 dead soldiers in the attic house was used as a hospital check it out.

Gloucter Township – Camden County Vo-Tech High School – in the late 1970’s early 80’s one of the boiler operators named Louie had a stroke and died in the  boiler room on the midnight shift. now late at night you can here footsteps walk the halls and lockers and doors slam shut also a feeling you are being watched as you walk .lights turned on when they were off before in classrooms. don’t go to the school it is still in session and patrolled by security guards in the middle of the night. police will be called for trespassers.

Hillside – Conant Park – back in the 80’s there was a blue van said to have driven the streets surrounding the park, grabbing young girls, pulling them into the back of the van, terrifying them and then releasing them shaken not able to speak.  no one could ever identify the blank faces on the assailants. If a blue van follows you around the streets near conant park, run and don’t look back, not all were returned to the streets they were taken.  some were never seen again.

Hoboken – “The Brass Rail Restaurant.”- The restaurant is over 100 years old. Waiters and waitresses have seen the ghosts of a bride, groom and wedding parties walking down the spiral staircase of the two-story restaurant, late at night, when they’re cleaning up.

Hamilton – McCorristin Catholic High School – Lockers that have been locked are found open, the scorer’s buzzer in the gymnasium buzzes for no reason, lights go out by themselves even in good weather, and on one occasion a stack of papers was blown off a desk when there were no windows open or fans on.

Hackettstown – Hackettstown high – Ghostly apparitions are known to haunt the auditorium at, and also people have said that they have seen small patches of fog swirling around the stage area.

Hackettstown – Union Cemetery – Young girl walks the roadway heading towards up-town, in front of the cemetery. She is dressed in white. When you offer her a ride she will not speak but get in and disappear by the time you get to the main part of town. No one knows who she is or where she is trying to go.

Harrington Park – The Old Blavelt Graveyard – Down the road by the Grammar school, there is an old graveyard on a hill that dates back to the 1700’s. Shadows have come up in photographs, orbs and mists. There also is a very distinct sound of a clock ticking when you listen closely.

Hoboken – Arthur’s Tavern –
There is supposedly three ghosts who haunt this huge restaurant. There are reports from employees of footsteps, lights going on and off or flickering, doors opening by themselves, a clipboard flying off a desk, whispers, and someone’s hair being pulled.

Hope – Jenny Jump State Park –
There are many different tales, but here is one of many. Jenny was a nine year old girl who lived generations ago. The small white house where she lived stood far below a high cliff. One day the child was picking berries or playing on the rocks when an Indian surprised her. In great fear she called to her father for help. He cried, “Jump, Jenny Jump!” The obedient child jumped from the high rocky cliff to her death. Her small figure can still be seen wandering around the location it is reported.

Hopewell – Barry’s Chapel – Off Route 77 and down a long dirt road, there are the remains of an old church. It was built by a man with the last name of Barry many years ago. His wife had mysteriously died. In a separate incident, his church burned down around the same time as his wife’s death. He later became guilt stricken and went to the site of the burnt down church only to hang himself from a tree in the churchyard. If you go there at night, you will see the church as if it was never burnt. If you kick the foundation, the church bell will ring.

Howell – Allaire – Allaire Village –
Located in the middle of the park on Allaire Road. It is an old iron fence from the 1900’s. Reports of an apparition of a woman in white has been spotted between the park and the General Store.

Howell – Freewood acres – Homeowner hears footsteps, screams and people banging on her door all at night.

Howell – In the woods – In Howell there are woods that are haunted. 6:00 between 8:00 there are noises coming from the woods. Often there are screams. One time a little girl traveled into these woods and never came back. Sometimes you can hear her say “HELP PLEASE IT HURTS!” It is believed that little girl name was Annmarie.

Jackson – Log Cabin Ruins – on Bens Lane (a dirt road) toward the end of the road on the right, of in the woods, there are 2-3 old stone foundations, all around it seems animals die, many bones are visible on the ground for no apparent reason, when walking by at twilight people have seen a woman sitting on the edge of the largest foundation and crying, she is in transparent shaded of blue-gray.

Jersey City – 629 Grove St. -Industrial Building – many employees have seen ghosts wearing close with style from a different era. Feet running sounds and more, screams all that happen on the second and third shift.

Jersey City – Daily News Building – This place is haunted on a daily basis by the chief Machinist that was supposedly beheaded by a disgruntled employee. Workers there say that they hear the words “Jeezz I’m the Chief” coming from one of the offices late at night.

Jersey City – St. Joseph’s Church – This church is located right by the Courthouse. You must stand in front of the Mc. Donald’s to see it. At night, you can see two lights(eyes) in the tower. These are known as the “Cat’s Eyes of St. Joseph.” There are no lights located in the tower itself and the street lights do not extend up that high. There is no explanation for it as yet.

Jersey City – Toys R Us – some people have seen a little girl running up and down the isles at 9:00 pm seen laughing and having fun. some people say she was murdered there.

Lakehurst – Lakehurst Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 21 – Based at Lakehurst, our compound is the supposed burial site of the remains of the Hindenburg which crashed there, there have been many reports of sightings, doors closing, and many other things that can not be explained that have happened there.

Lakehurst – Naval Air Station Hangar 1 and (former) surrounding tarmac, Natably during daylight hours outside of Hangar 1, sound of men shouting “Away the lines, Christ be blessed, away the lines!” as well as “She’s afire!” Inside Hangar 1 during morning hours, the sound of engines whirring when no like equipment is in operation. Possible ghosts of Graf Zeppelin Hindenburg crew, as well as US Navy dirigible personnel, variously sited about Hangar 1 and forward locations.

Lakewood – trails – its a huge wooded area by oak street school were many atvs and dirt bikes ride. but if there none in there something black big and fast slip across the trees but you really have to look or you wont see it cause its so fast. but at night u fell like something’s always watching you

Lambertville – Inn Of The Hawke – This popular inn and restaurant is host to several different ghosts. There have been occasional sightings that mainly consist of mischief and strange noises. Pots and pans have been known to lift from their hooks and come crashing to the ground. There are even pictures in one area of the inn that never seem to stay on the walls, no matter how they are hanged.

Lambertville – Lambertville high school – The school was built in 1854. A fire destroyed much of it in 1926, but was remodeled in 1927. According to rumor, there was another fire in 1992 which destroyed the school for good. An “official” closing date has not yet been found. Several have claimed that in one of the classrooms on the second floor, the black boards were covered with drawings of children crying and burning. Another local legend is that of “Buckeye”. There are actually two versions of this story, but with the same basic back-story. There was a championship football game between Lambertville and New Hope (PA). An intense game was going on. During a normal play, one of the New Hope Buckeyes was tackled to the ground. When all the players got up, this boy was left lying still on the grass. Because of this tragedy, the parents of the New Hope students had football removed form the schools extra-curricular activities. Urban legend #1- You are to stand on the landing between the first and second floors, just inside the front doors, and say out loud “I challenge Billy (or Buckeye, depending on who you ask) to a football game!” Then, out of nowhere, a football is supposed to fly straight at your head, breaking your neck. Urban Legend #2- While on the football field, located somewhere further up the hill, one is supposed to say out loud “Buckeye, I challenge you to a race!” A wind blows in, then either a mist arises or a pair of glowing, red eyes appear at one end of the field. A voice is heard saying, “Run to the other end of the field or die!” It was rebuilt then abandoned in the 1950’s due to zoning issues. Kids are known to commit suicide from the third story gym windows. Reports of free floating apparitions, cold spots, and sounds heard by the EVPs. Also documented in pictures taken were ectoplasm like clouds and apparitions in 3rd floor window. Also strange noises when quiet. Plans to tear this building down in the very near future.WARNING: if you go there do not park on Washington street, you can get arrested for trespassing.

Landisville – Landisville Fire Company – Cold Spots, Voices of both men and women, and sounds that come from the loft and the back of the engine bays. Footsteps can be heard.

Laurence Harbor – Bowne Provost Family Cemetery – dates back to the civil war. Ghosts have been seen here and mysterious figures.

Lavallette – The Murder house – Eighty years ago, a middle aged sea captain purchased a large house on the boardwalk facing the ocean. Legend states that he bought it for his young wife, who was only eighteen at the time. A few years later, the Captain made his final voyage, never to return. His young wife was said to have spent countless nights on the widows walk, waiting for the Captain to return. One frigid January morning, exactly two years after the Captain left, her body was found frozen on the widows walk. To this day she can be seen standing on the widows walk, waiting for her beloved to return.

Lincoln Park – Heartbeat Lane – A strange sound that sounds like a heart beat, and you pass the house on your way out, there will be a light on in the upstairs window.

Long Beach Island Haunted Beach – Sometimes on the beach late at night you can hear the cries of people that have ship wrecked on our beach. You know when they are near because you get a very cold chill in your bones.

Long Valley / Middle Valley – its the story of the hooker man, the story goes that a man carrying a lantern walks the railroad tracks at night through long valley supposedly searching for the severed arm he lost after being hit by the train.

Madison – Drew University – It is believed that some of the dorms at this college are haunted by a skinny college women from the 19th century.

Madison – Drew University – Great Hall – There are a lot of haunted places at Drew University, actually.  The Great Hall is a castle-like structure in the middle of campus where the teachers have their offices.  The upper floor is a long, red-carpeted room where religious services used to be held.  The room is wood paneled with carvings along the beams, a large fireplace, and paneled doors, which blend into the wall.  People have reported seeing faces in the ceiling carvings, the chandeliers swing sometimes for no reason, and people have also reported strange reflections of a man with round, gold spectacles in a mirror there.  Feelings of being pushed to leave have also been reported.

Madison – Drew University – The Arboretum –
The arboretum is said to be haunted by the “lady in blue” who appears near a lake in the back of the woods and trips people, appears during sunset most often, but also during the day, which is kind of unusual.  She appears filmy and no one has ever seen a face or body, just a bluish dress.  The girl who haunts Hoyt, which was an all boys dormitory back in the day, was supposed to have slept with one of the boys, discovered she was pregnant, and hung herself in the attic.  It is definitely true that the top floor has lots of weird things happening.  Witnesses have seen doors open, window shades fly up.  It is generally held that boys do not fair well on the top floor – it’s been an all girls floor for quite a while. They tend to fall for no reason and break something.  A part of the underground railroad stretches underneath the campus all the way to the next town.

Madison – Fairleigh Dickinson University – Lenfel Hall –
lights turning on and off, and sightings of Peter Sanmartino (founder).

Madison – Fairleigh Dickinson University – Mansion –
There are many different stories about different sections of the campus that once was an estate to a powerful family. Most happenings occur at the Mansion, including a girl in a white dress Dancing.

Maple Shade – Woodlawn Park –
A few years ago a 16 year old girl was found dead in Woodlawn Park. Apparently she committed suicide because of a bad break up with her boyfriend. It is said if you go to the park and call for her one time, the swing will start swinging violently and come to a complete stop suddenly. Reports of hearing a poem in your head.

Marlboro – Main Street Market (formerly Andy K’s) – Several former employees have reported strange happenings after the store closes at night. The reflection of a large man has been seen on the glass to the freezer case, which disappears upon closer inspection. The ketchup and mustard bottles behind the counter tip themselves over. Also, objects on the shelves are reported to have hurled themselves across the room with great force.

Marlboro – Marlboro Mental Institution –
Reports of a rotten stench and a whistling noise, feelings of being followed. Rumor has it that the land was originally a slaughter house and the state wanted to take over and build a mental institution on the land but the man wouldn’t allow it eventually the state just took the land from the owner of the slaughter house and built their mental institution somehow eventually the owner of the land ended up in the institute as a patient he broke loose one night and they never found him the patients then for the next couple years said they could hear weird sounds outside like pigs dieing and cows mooing a couple of the patients were missing and never found.- Febuary 2005 additional info – The counselers would take the kids on hikes through the campgrounds and told stories about a ghost-man who haunted the camp, “OLD MAN SAM.” They said he lived in a house painted with blood. Located in a big graveyard right in the middle of the camp. The largest grave there was one with nothing on it but SAM. There was one other big grave that said, THE MOTHER.

Marlton – Airport on KettleRun Road – The old air port is always been seen as nothing but dirt. But way back in the day it use to be a small airport with building and the whole nine yards, untill one day, a former emoployee came back and set it on fire…The cops believe it was an arsansis but they have no hard facts. So many people who live out here still believe that ghost are haunting up and down kettlerun, and this is why people are getting into the majorty of the accidents… everyone says “they see something so they try to get out of the way of it”

Matawan – Rose Hill Cemetery –
Dates back to Revolutionary War era. Ghosts, anomalies, ectoplasms, strange mists, vortexes, strange voices, orbs and shadowy figures. A frightening place, particularly at night with winding roads and an extremely “hilly” terrain. You can feel the strange presences instantly.

Mays Landing – The Abbott House Bed & Breakfast –
According to local legend, a young girl is said to inhabit the top floor of this bed and breakfast. She has been seen and heard bouncing a ball for time to time. –

Mays Landing – Lincoln Memorial Cemetery – Went Ghost hunting on Oct.31st in the evening, Witnessed many orbs, and Ectoplasm. Was with a well know Medium, who wishes to remain nameless at this time.

Metuchen – Ayers-Allen House – the oldest house in Metuchen, it was originally an inn during Revolutionary War times. The house is haunted by a Revolutionary War soldier who can be sometimes seen hanging between floors (legend has it that he hung himself). Also seen is the ghost of a woman (the innkeeper’s wife) searching for her son, who was kidnapped by Indians when he was 10 years old. Psychics/mediums have detected the presence of several other ghosts, also.

Middlesex County – Circle Players – (A local theater group in Middlesex County) – They often boast to be the most haunted theater in New Jersey.

Midland Park – Crayhay Mansion –
haunted by many ghosts, including a ghost cat.

Millington – Elm Street Middle School – One day these kids were said to be walking past the school and decided to look around the school when all of a sudden one of the kids saw something in the window supposedly a man’s face.they ran away and went to the lake near by went under water and every single one of those kids saw a little boys face,dark hair,very pail,with blue eyes.They went to their local libary and looked up Elm Street School and found a picture of some of the classes that were at Elm Street and you wouldn’t belive who they saw:THEY SAW THAT SAME LITTLE BOY IN THE PICTURE!

Millville – Union Lake – off of Carmal Rd. on the boat ramp at late night you can see disappearing and reappearing tire marks and weird sounds sometime birds will just go crazy for no reason and very cold spots along with a uneasy feeling.

Montvale – Fieldstone Middle School –
In the hallway at the principal’s office just outside of the Exploratorium at around 11:30, you will see some ghostly white mist traveling down the hall, it has a sense of peace around it though.

Montville – Pine Brook – Hilltop Care Center –
It is an old abandoned nursing home that had to be evacuated immediately for some reason unknown. All of the patient’s files, clothes, pictures, card, and all of their belongings are still left in their old rooms. When you walk in and out of these rooms, your flashlights will flicker on and off. There is only one door in the whole place that cannot be opened. There is a room that is known to be haunted and when to door was opened, it stopped and then’ started to vibrate rapidly. Now there is a NO TRESPASSING – December 2006 Update/Correction: Formerly listed in Parsippany, Was burned down several months ago.

Morris County – Mendham – Combs Hollow Road – It is said at exactly 12 o’clock, if one drives over the bridge on Combs Hollow Road, an image will appear at the end of the bridge and put its hand up to tell you to stop. It is reported that fifteen years ago, a young woman was jogging at night along this road and was struck by a pickup truck, killing her instantly. The man driving the truck ran from the scene of the accident and later on in the night, committed suicide from the grief of killing the young lady. His spirit patrols the bridge late at night, and it is said that if you don’t stop for him, he will run you off the road. The road is very windy and very dangerous, and one must be careful while traveling through.

Morristown – Jimmy’s – Local nightclub haunted by female from revolutionary war era

Morristown – Water’s Edge Cafe – a heavyset male ghost can be seen on the staircase here.

Morristown – Jockey Hollow – In a dense wooded area, it is believed you can hear & see the spirits of George Washington & his troops marching through the woods or a woman wearing a long white dress carrying an lamp.

Mt. Holly – Historic Burlington County Prison Museum – The ghost of Joel Clough still haunts the prison. Floating cigarettes, apparitions, orbs, and such have been reported.

Mt. Hope – Mt. Hope Road – Many voices can be heard and cold winds can be felt. figures can be seen in the meadows.

Mt. Laurel – Hartford Rd. Haunted house – Now this haunting is not something you can see off the main road. You must turn onto a dirt rd. You then park your car, get out and make sure you have a flash light. You enter an abandon house, its all tore up, writing on the walls, help me all over, children toys and clothes all over. While in the house you will hear a bouncing of a basketball, screaming, and talking that can not be made out, and door knobs turning behind you. This is not something you do alone. – September 2004 update: The house has been torn down.

National Park – The park museum – there was a hospital for the soldiers that is still there to this very day. When you go in there many people at many different times have said to have seen soldiers walking around in the upstairs.

Neshanic Station – Murphy’s Crocodile Inn – Built in the 1880’s, the Crocodile Inn has been subject to many ghostly activities. Lights turn on and off regularly and a dark shadowy figure is often seen in the basement. The inn is located at 102 Woodfern Rd., Neshanic Station by the post office and colorful train station

Newark – Branch Brook Park – The story goes that a couple who just got marry we’re passing through the park on there way to there Honeymoon, When all of sudden the groom lost control of his vehicle and crash into a old tree, The impact was so devastating that bride was ejected from the car and fell next to the old tree and they say that the ground open up an took her and when the police arrived all they found was the groom dead and a piece of white cloth sticking out of the ground. The story is she haunting the park at night in her bloody wedding dress.

New Monmauth – Shelly Drive – During the Revolutionary War the woods that once stood where now stands a housing sub-division, with the street name of Shelly Drive, provided cover and refuge to many troops of both sides of the American conflict. It has long been said that where the street Shelly Drive ends into a new sub-division there was a horrible battle between Patriots and British troops. So Bloody and horrific was this Battle that scores of troops from both sides were killed. One particularly poor soul was that of a boy named William Champlain who fought on the side of the Patriots but was a spy for the British. When it was discovered by Washington’s troops that Champlain was a spy they did not let on to him that he was compromised. At the start of the battle it was relayed to the troops by Washington himself that Champlain should be shot from behind to let the British know that his traitorous dealings didn’t deserve a bullet from the firing squad. Upon the start of the Battle Champlain moved to the front of the line to get a better shot he was heard to say, and before the first volley of shots were exchanged between side’s he was dropped in his stride from a volley of shot’s from five patriot’s. It has long been said that the spirit of William Champlain Haunt’s the sub-division in search of Washington in the hopes of finding out why he was struck down by his own troops. Being only a boy of 17 at the time of his demise and fond of the flute he has been heard many a fall night playing sad ballads and tunes in search of his mentor. So if you are walking or driving down Shelly Drive one evening and see a young lad dressed in Colonial attire don’t be alarmed it is only William Champlain looking for his troops bivouac, and the reason for his betrayal.

Nutley – Park Pub Restaurant – When the restaurant is closed, the staff has seen two figures dancing on the main dance floor.


Oak Valley – Dead End – Hermit House –
At the “Dead End” woods where Stanford and Hamilton meet, there once stood a cabin in the woods inhabited by an old white-bearded hermit. The cabin was along a wooded pathway near a small bridge backing the houses along Montclair. In a fire of unknown origin, sometime in the middle of the last century, the Hermit burned to death and the ruins of the cabin remained for decades afterwards. An entity, believed to be the Hermit, reportedly appears nearby, usually after midnight.

Oaklyn – The Ritz theater –
many orbs have been spooted around and insite the site.

Old Bridge – Nike Missle Base – It’s rumored that the Nike US ARMY Base on Jake Brown Road off of Rt 9 is haunted. If you go down the long winding road, you come to an abandoned small group of houses. Everything is boarded up, but a constant mist is there no matter what day it is…

Old Tappan – It is said that the ghost of a revolutionary era bugler for the Continental Army haunts the area around the old Toppan golf course or other stories say the wooded area near there and it is also said that in the middle of the night sometimes you can hear the sound of a horn. The ghost is simply known as the bugler.

Parsippany – Intervale Road – Recently, the ghost of a headless man has been seen roaming about Intervale Road near the place where it meets Route 46.

Parsippany – Littleton Elementary school woods – high school kids used to have bonfire parties in the middle of the woods next to the elementary school. one kid accidentally dropped the lighter fluid into the fire while everyone was gathered around and the can exploded, burning at least 15 kids. it is said that late at night around 11:00 you can hear screaming and laughing from the kids, and the next morning you will find empty beer cans all over the place, and some burnt logs in the fire pit.

Passaic County – Annie’s Road – In the 1980’s, a young girl was killed on Prom night (hit by a car). It is said that you can see her blood still on the road and at midnight it has been reported that her ghost will come out. Her gravesite is located off of the road where she was killed.

Paterson – Oliver Street – Michael Energy Factory Daycare – it said that building that was there was a factory before it became a daycare after 5:45pm the elevator would move with the doors opened.

Paterson – Tenth Ave – Haunted house – There have been many sightings in this house. A lady in a white gown, and a young child. At night you can hear footsteps of unknown beings walking up and down the staircase. This phenomenon has been occurring for many years and it is unknown what spirits walk the halls of this house.

Pemberton – Pemberton Township High School Auditorium – PTHS Auditorium – Having been a member of the technical stage crew for 3 years, I have often been in the auditorium late at night with a few others, and the chairs move on their own, creaking of the chairs can be heard, and sometimes voices. The curtain often moves on it’s own as well (as if there were a breeze in the room- even when the a/c is off) The janitors clean the auditorium as quickly as possible and try to make sure there’s more than one of them doing the job at a time. reports that the lighting queues sometimes change or clear themselves as well.

Pennington – Old Farmhouse on Main Street – Just pulling into the stone-covered parking lot on the side of the house one begins to feel a sense of foreboding. Once in the house, a sense of negative energy can be felt. Spend time in the house and you will see and sense things. Dogs and cats will run from or refuse to enter certain rooms at different times. Heavily lined drapes will blow on a windless day with the windows shut like they were fine linen on a windy day. Heavy person-less footsteps on the wooden stairs can be heard. Door-knobs will turn violently. Faint voices and moving objects and opening and closing doors on their own. Knocks on bedroom doors late at night when no one is there if you open the door. A sense of relief can be felt when pulling away from the house.

Perth Amboy – Alpine Cemetery –
Usually on rainy nights, when driving or walking by the cemetery you can see dark ghostly figures at one moment and look back and then they’re gone. When walking inside of it, you may sometimes feel cold spots in some parts of the cemetery, usually near the far end in the back. People have reported seeing three figures on rainy nights and then they’d mysteriously disappear.

Perth Amboy – The Proprietary house – Many workers there have seen the boy, who appears to be pointing to the third floor, for some reason unknown.

Perth Amboy – St. Mary’s Cemetery – Is said to be haunted by three World War I & II soldiers. People walking or driving by who look in the cemetery see three dark figures standing and when they look back the three soldiers are gone. Other residents who visit the cemetery say they’ve felt cold spots in the area where the soldiers were buried. Also while walking by the graves people have heard the sound of running feet on leaves and only to find no one there.

Phillipsburg – Hunt Homestead –
a hooded woman has been seen in the kitchen window.

Pine Beach – Admiral Farragut Academy –
There is said to be screams coming from the old building every night around 12:00 am. It was a all boys Navy school in which there were day students and boarding students. Among the students were some famous people one being Alan Shepard the Astronaut and Lorenzo Lamous the Actor.

Pittsgrove – Ye Olde Centerton Inn – The crying of a little girl who met an untimely demise can sometimes be heard in the upstairs dining room. In this dining room, cold spots can often be felt. These cold spots are attributed to the spirit of a past Maitre De, for whom the room is named after.

Point Pleasant – McGee’s Tavern: Point Pleasant – At the bar there is a presence of a ghost that haunts the owner ever night … once a Hotel in the 1800’s as well as a former nursing home and housing for slaves – Lewis Carter (reportedly a former slave) opens the blinds in the attic every morning after the owner shuts them every night.

Point Pleasant Beach – McLacleans- what is now a good store was once a small theater in the town. There have been reports of many ghosts wandering the theater, almost waiting to go on. There have also bee reports of applauding and cheering late at night, as well as footsteps upstairs

Port Monmouth – Spy House Museum – This house was a tavern during Washington’s day and got it’s name because the owner would welcome British troops into the tavern, listen to what they were planning and tell Washington’s men (hence the name Spy house) and before that it was used by pirates who supposedly hid treasure in the house and stored their dead in the basement. There are tunnels under the house and there have been ghosts of both a pirate and a spirit of a child who died in the upstairs. It has also been said the spirit of a Women who took care of soldiers, still haunts the Spy house. Many Investigators claim that once you turn down the street of the Spy House, you can feel the energy. The evidence that we investigators have are; Moving Orbs, Ectoplasm, and full body apparition.

Quinton/Bridgeton – Berry’s Chapel – The true story of Berry’s’ Chapel is, Berry was a black pastor hung by the KKK. The chapel was built back in the Civil war days. It burned down in the early sixties. The grave yard was starting to get desecrated from local kids parting in the area, and skulls started appearing in trees by the main party spot.. It was then the county moved all the bodies to the graveyard surrounding the ancient oak tree near the Salem City public library. The area is blocked off now and you can’t drive back there. The Chapel was just in the paper again this week (05-27-02) as they were again cleaning up the area from those lame people who feel they have to dump all their trash back there. What was always odd is how nothing would ever grow on Berry’s’ grave. No grass, no weeds, no bushes, nothing.

Raritan – Raritan Library – Raritan township library, Raritan The old library keeper haunts this place nightly, turning on lights and moving books, there have been numerous sightings of the elderly woman in the window and the old garden behind it. I live around there and have seen lights go on and off at very odd hours. They say she died there, many old buildings and strange stories of hauntings.

Richland – Railroad tracks behind St. Augustine Prep High school –
if you go there at night and flash your beam 3 times and on the 4th time you leave them on you will see a little boy with a baseball and glove….if you get out he will throw the ball to you but he and the ball will disappear before you can catch it.

Ringwood – Ringwood Manor – Haunted by the last descendant of the former owners and two servants. Frequently investigated, the spirit of the woman owner is quite feisty and downright mean. Voices heard, footsteps, portraits that follow you with their eyes, and other phenomena occur.

Ringwood – Ringwood Manor Cemetery – Shadows are seen and voices are heard in the century old family cemetery. Above ground tombs have bricks that are continually missing or chipped away, but all evidence shows that this action is coming from within the tomb rather than vandalism from outside. Walk through the ” Gates to Nowhere” and follow the path along the pond.. Cemetery will begin on your left and continue in spots for 1/2 mile.

River Vale – Roberge School – The ghost of a friendly janitor who died of a hart attack is heard sweeping hallway and bathroom floors. you also laugh out of no where when he is present.

Riverside – dead mans corner – across from the Derbys tavern, A man and his sons of Beat a man and dragged him to the porch and left him for dead. The next day Riverside police found a man dead on the same porch. It is said late at night he can be seen roaming the porch and asking for mountain man. Also a strange murky god forsaken stench can be observed on the steps leading up to the attic.

Riverside – Watchcase Tower – This town mark has been here since Riverside was created. It is said that flying orbs and ghostly figures haunt the watchcase till this very day!!!!

Roseland – St. John’s church graveyard – Strange noises, such as laughter and a crackling fire, and strange lights accompanied with the feeling of not being alone have been reported.

Scotch Plains – Graveyard – Park Ave. – Across from Snuffy’s is a bus stop haunted by a lady in white, looking for a ride. She has been known to take rides only to disappear to the driver.

Somerville – Old Dutch Parsonage and Wallace House – The Old Dutch Parsonage is always closed at night. NOBODY goes in there after dark. Screaming, things banging against the walls and floors from upstairs. Items getting moved around after being indexed or filed.

Somerville – The Wallace House – had a friendly spirit that enjoyed pulling on gowns and tapping shoulders of guests and tour guides during interpretive tours and reenactments during winter season.  Historically, one of the original houses that George Washington and his officers stayed in during the winter at Morristown, NJ during the Revolutionary War.

South Brigantine – 13th Street –
Around 12:00 midnight a lady in white walking up the beach path and then stop turn around sit on the path and just vanish has been reported.

South Dennis – The Graveyard on Route 47 –
There have been numerous sightings of children crying near the older tombstones in this cemetery.

Sparta – Remax Leaders –
It’s old, one of Sparta’s first buildings. In the early 1900’s it was an all girl’s school. It has now been the office for a few different real estate agencies. There was are report from an agent working for Burgdorf, that when walking down the stairs, she felt like someone grabbed her leg, causing her to fall down the stairs. Even the basement is creepy. You can see that it was the kitchen since the original fireplace is still there. When no ones else is in the building weird sounds can be heard, as if someone else is upstairs walking around.

Swedesboro – Swedesboro Lake –
Reported sightings of a man on a bike as well as screaming.

Tabernacle – Caranza Road – A long Road in the pines said to be the living place of the jersey devil. But this road is more than that it is haunted by many ghosts. The road is named after a Mexican pilot who crashed on the road there is a big memorial there for him. it is said and has been told that 8:30 pm July 12 or the 12 of any month at 8:30 if you have a voice recorder you can hear his plane. it is a strange road if you go down it at night you get the felling that you are being watched from the wood by something but you knaw it is not human. If you ever go `out there bring a flash light there is no light out on the road.

Tewksbury Township – Farmersville Rd. & Rt. 512Used to be boarding house; Reports (especially children) of seeing man leaning over railing and also in barn; seems to be deceased George Hayes who died in the 50’s; rumor has it he was border and married lady who owned house; bad marriage, and neighbor said she killed him using wood alcohol in his food, so he gradually got sick and died. A woman ghost was also there in the house squeezed shoulders when witnesses where in bed; she came through the wall and headboard with hands and place them on the shoulders sometimes leaving marks & sometimes pushed people out of the house.

Toms River – Castle Park – At Midnight all the swings begin to swing at the same time without any sign of wind. and you can hear children playing when no one is around.

Totowa – Annie’s Road –
An old road that is said to be haunted by a girl whose body was never found. There is a long red line of blood by the spot where she was killed. She is said to walk the road every night.

Totowa – Laurel Grove Cemetery – Repeated sightings of white robed woman appearing after dark discussion of said sightings on radio station WOR dozens of people have reported to have witnessed peaceful spirit. Cemetery closed before dusk sightings observed by dozens of people through main gates.

Totowa – Little Falls – Heartbeat Road –
What you are supposed to do is drive onto Heartbeat Road in the middle of the night . Get out of your car, put your ear the ground and you can hear a heartbeat.

Totowa – Totowa Road – A girl was killed on this road in 1951 as she was waiting for her prom date to pick her up. A truck driver ran her over and she has been seen walking this street at night, still in a light blue prom gown. The road has been named after her: Annie’s Road!!! Also, she is buried at the cemetery, which is directly across from where she died.

Tewksbury Township – Farmersville Rd. & Rt. 512 –
Used to be boarding house; Reports (especially children) of seeing man leaning over railing and also in barn; seems to be deceased George Hayes who died in the 50’s; rumor has it he was border and married lady who owned house; bad marriage, and neighbor said she killed him using wood alcohol in his food, so he gradually got sick and died. A woman ghost was also there in the house squeezed shoulders when witnesses where in bed; she came through the wall and headboard with hands and place them on the shoulders sometimes leaving marks & sometimes pushed people out of the house.

Union – The Caldwell House –
It is now a museum and is preserved for public visits. It is said that Lady Caldwell haunts the house after she was shot in her living room by the British soldiers raiding her house.

Union – Kean University – East Campus – is Haunted by a young girl who attended it when it was a catholic school.

Union – Kean University – Rogers Hall –
is haunted by a former student.

Union – Kean University – Vaughn – Eames Building – is haunted by a negative presence.

Union – Kean University – Wilkins Theater – is said to haunted by a man named George who died accidentally there.

Verona – The Asylum – An old abandoned asylum is located in New Jersey and it is the home to many dead lunatics…going there, you’ll hear voices, footsteps and you’ll see old people.

Villas – Trails –
There’s a distinct trail in the woods behind the M.U.A. factory where what appears to be the ghost of a young boy, wonders the trail ever so often, it is said to be the ghost of Johnpat Eisenman, he was a 14 year old boy who went camping in the woods during the early as rumors have it 1970’s. However, the night him and his friends went camping, some male came up to them and abducted Johnpat. It is said, to this date, he roams the woods almost every night from 1:30am to 2:00 am, and you’ll notice him roaming around with what it appears to be with no pants on, its said he has no pants because when police found his body two days later, he only had his briefs on. Some witnesses of the ghost say they noticed him pointing to a large tree with strange craving engraved in it, that tree is said to be where he was molested and later murdered, by an unknown predator. To this date no one was charged with the abduction and murder of Johnpat.

Verona – Overbrook –
This place was an old orphanage. Then it became a place where cancer and pneumonia patients went to die. The road stretches for about 2 miles and there are two entrances. There are 5 buildings on this road, all abandoned. There have been sightings of ghosts and footsteps. Also, there is a manhole right when u reach the fork in the road; if you take it off, on your way back it will be covered again. Or vice-versa. It’s guaranteed to happen. Happy haunting!

Wall Township – Arthur Brisbane Child Treatment Center –
Was a mental hospital for children. Lights flicker as you drive through and you can hear little kids screaming if you stop and shut your car off and leave the windows open.

Warren – Warren Graveyard – There is the Warren Graveyard at the intersection of Mountain Blvd. and Mt. Bethel Rd. It is supposed that you see Sir Isaac warren in the corner by the church with his to grandchildren who died with him in a car wreck nearby. They are usually only seen on Memorial weekend and Halloween!

Washington – Washington cemetery – This cemetery is kind of large and extends on both sides of a small street off RT. 57 in Washington. In the smaller side of the cemetery there are 3 large headstones (possible the largest in that section). It was a husband, a wife and child, and a family friend. They were all murdered together in the family’s house in the 1840’s. If you read the epitaph on the headstones it mentions something about the wrath of God coming down upon those who did the murders. (the words are very warn and hard to read). This event was known as the Changewater Murders. Apparently the wrong people were caught and hung for the crime and by the time authorities figured out who really committed the murders, they were long gone. Orbs have been seen and caught on film.

Watchung Reservation – Densely wooded reservation with abandoned houses and etc. There are many stories that have come out of here. Example, there have said to have been a murder by the big lake there. Occult practitioners are said to have, and still meet and perform rituals.

Wayne – Clairview Movie Theater – voices heard in the projection room, apparitions of a grinning, pale man with big teeth standing in the open stall in the women’s restroom mirror, feeling someone kiss them, and lights turning off then on again.

Wayne – Dey Mansion – Strange lights can be seen and a strange shadow occupying the windows.

West Long Branch – Monmouth University – Library – The library which was once the summer cottage of Murry and Leonie Guggenheim is haunted by the ghost of a lady in white who walks down the staircase overnight at midnight. No one is allowed there past 11:30, they close it down (conveniently) before 12. Upstairs and all inside the house you have the feeling that you truly don’t belong and someone wants you to leave.

West Milford – Clinton Rd. – There is said to be the spirit of a little boy which haunts a small stream. If you toss a coin in at midnight he will throw it back. There is the story of the haunted coach that runs the road. There is also a “Hell-Hound” that chases you down if you enter the woods on the side of the road and see it. It is said to travel as fast as your car can go. (Note: Clinton Road is a hot bed for ghosts and other mysterious happenings.).

West Milford – Passaic County – Clinton Rd. – This road is a scary road. It has KKK sightings, Nazi meetings, Haunted dogs, and an old lady who walks on the same side as you re driving, and a creepy castle; A little boy was walking on this road one night and a car sped fast around a sharp turn and hit him and the boy fell over a little bridge and died. They say if you throw over a penny at exactly midnight, he throws it backs to you. Creepy huh? You can read more on

West New York – Elementary School – In the annex of the girls bathroom you here giggles, footsteps and door slamming. There is saying that there were three little girls died there. Also have seen three shadows.

Westville – river drive – Along River Drive there have been sightings of a ghost of a young woman in a night gown. She has been seen floating at about the second story level along River Drive. There is mention of a second spirt. this spirit sometimes looks like a fish or mermaid of some sort .Tributes to her are found on one of the bridges crossing the Big Timber Creek. Timber Creek runs next to River Drive, and the sightings have increased lately as there is a lot of digging taking place right now. It was an area of an amusement park a long time ago. Maybe the spirit is upset with the area being disturbed.

Wharton – Knotty Pine Pub – Strange sounds can be heard coming from attic. Sounds are similar to moving objects and footsteps. Legend has the owners deceased mother is the bar caretaker.

Woodbury – Sketch Club Community Theater – Voices of children can sometimes be heard in this 100 year old + former schoolhouse. Also the occassional apparition of an older woman (a teacher perhaps) can be seen in the dressing room areas. Hosts of orbs appear in photos, also with whispy swirls of mist. Theater WILL allow investigations sometimes.

Woodstown – Seven Stars Tavern – a ghost with a noose around his neck and other noisy ghosts haunt this place.

Wycoff – Route 208 North, Russell Ave. – Wyckoff Exit – The legend is, there was a girl who was killed by a hit and run, and her father roams the streets (only on Russell Ave) every night from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. looking for her killer. He is also blind. You can ride around all you want before 12:00am and you will not see him, but he seems to appear right at 12:00am. He will stop and stare at every car that drives by, so you will hardly ever see him walking, but yet you drive 1 block and turn around and he has already walked 5 blocks down.

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