Visiting Haunted Places in Pakistan

October 16, 2008 at 4:31 am (Ghost, horror, Stories) (, , , , , , , , )

Kalabagh – Punjab – Here a lady who is very fat and with a small lenght. Her hair are too long. She attacks if gazed by someone.

Karachi – 39-k block 6 – P.E.C.H.S. – Sometimes you will see a white light glowing at night.  Also people have reported seeing a very pale women wearing a white dress walk around for about a minute then disappear at about 3:00 in the morning, it has also been said that this lady had been kidnapped and rapped, after she was rapped she was murdered and buried there.

Karachi – Liari – Witnesses report seeing an apparition of a man badly cut and bleeding, when approached, he vanishes.

Lahore – Defense – T Block – Reports of an apparition of a girl in white clothes.

Lahore – Defense – Z Block – People say that the house is haunted. Thats why its price is also very low.

Lahore – Gulberg – The witness says that a man in white dress is seen there in days of world cup 99. when anyone goes near to him he become vanish but he doesn’t harm anyone.

Lahore – Sector W, Defense Housing Society, 2 story house – Residents have been, chased, thrown and scared away from the house, exorcisms have been performed, but to no avail.



  1. Rubab said,

    there are hundreds and hundreds more recognized places..

    • varunsharma1800 said,

      Hello Rubab,
      Can you share with us more such places in Pakistan so that we can update our database?


  2. Awais said,

    hello h r u.
    i m hare to say that there is nothing from which v affraid.
    pagal ho sab
    ASHRAF UL MAKHLOOKAAT ho bhool gay ho kya?
    khetay hain na jo dar geya wo mar geya……….

  3. maraim said,

    hi…im mariam 4rm pakistan….there iz an haunted house near canal view…. i saw a white cloth women at night near my house..i was totally frightened when i saw her….she waz wearing a white long gown….ndd her hairz were long…big nailz….nd blood waz coming out of her mouth….i will never forget her in ma whole life………:(………

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