Signs of Being Possessed By A Ghost

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Are you or someone you know being influenced by lost souls or dark energy?

There’s a world-wide epidemic today that most people don’t know much about. It’s a very common occurrence, yet it’s misunderstood and usually overlooked.

It’s called spirit possession. “The Exorcist” movie was an exaggeration of the phenomenon, and a depossession by a priest is only one way to deal with it. It’s also known as spirit attachment and demonic possession. It happens when lost (disembodied) souls and, or dark energy interfere with or even take control of someone.

It often occurs after the abuse of drugs or alcohol (because these substances weaken your energy field), it can occur during abuse, and some people who are highly sensitive (e.g., Britney Spears, in our opinion), are more susceptible to it than others. Even a poor diet or high levels of stress can cause sensitive people to be more of a target. Those with addictions are almost always affected by it.

Taking responsibility yourself and your situation can be the beginning of healing and protecting yourself, but it can be more difficult for some to do this due to already existing, potent interference from dark energy. Ironically, even those who want to help themselves can be persuaded, frequently beyond conscious awareness, by dark energy or lost souls to avoid seeking help. The will to improve, along with effective methods, must be present to fully heal.

Why do lost souls or dark energy feed off of a host, you might ask? They remain earthbound and attach themselves, energetically, to those from which they can get the fix of alcohol, drugs, nicotine, food, sex, power, revenge, or whatever else they were addicted to before their physical bodies died.

As for dark energy, demons and other negative influences that interfere, their motives can be as simple as an allegiance with an evil force. In our experience, however, and contrary to scary Hollywood movies, most demons are more like bratty, misbehaving children who are more easily controlled than you may think.

By the way, long ago we didn’t believe in “evil” or “dark” energy. But since doing a lot of empirical research on the subject and subsequently helping people with Spiritual Detox, we are now convinced that it does exist. There always has been and always will be polar opposites, as a natural part of your earthly existence: without darkness there cannot be light, without cold there cannot be heat, without fear there cannot be faith.

The following list includes signs of being influenced by dark energy or lost souls.

1) Do you or someone you know have negative emotional or physical reactions to the idea of Spiritual Detox TM (such as “part of you” wanting to do it and “part of you” not wanting to do it)?

2) Do you or someone you know have, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual feelings of being blocked?

3) Do you or someone you know abuse alcohol or drugs? (The use of either allows lost souls or dark energy to influence you far more easily.)

4) Did you or someone you know have a sudden onset of alcohol or drug abuse, or a sudden onset of a desire to smoke cigarettes, overeat, or engage in some other addictive, unhealthy behavior?

5) Do you or someone you know have distinct personality changes while under the influence?

6) Do you or someone you know sense an unexplainable presence in your/their home or office (sometimes referred to as a “ghost”)? It’s common to sense the presence when falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night.

7) Did you or someone you know have sudden and unexplainable strife and conflict with a partner, family member, or friend?

8) Do you or someone you know have an addiction to sex, a sudden or unexplainable onset of sadness, depression, reckless behavior, poor memory and concentration, change in personality, feelings of being followed or feeling drained, schizophrenia, physical problems, recurring dreams or nightmares, anger, guilt or anxiety, or hear inner voices (especially with negative messages)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely you or someone you know is being influenced by “lost souls” and, or dark energy. But do not be afraid.

The subjects of entity attachment and spirit possession may seem frightening, but there’s really nothing to fear. It is simply a matter of energy that needs to be firmly directed to the proper place and knowing how to protect yourself.

One way to protect yourself is to avoid drugs and excess alcohol, visualize a white light of protection around you often, and ask for help from God, your guides, or angels of the Light. Simply state your request for help out loud.



  1. Vanessa said,

    I found your article quite helpful with regards to my own personal situation. Unfortunately I forwarded it to a friend (whom is also Christian) who insisted that I be very careful, as you are referring to demons when you speak of “your guides, and Angels of the Light.” Please shed some light on this topic for us.

    • varunsharma1800 said,

      Well according to me Being Possessed By A Ghost is a reality…. We have witnessed some interesting facts regarding it. Can you lay some more emphasis on your situation …..

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